Utah AG John Swallow announces his resignation

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Utah Attorney General John Swallow announced his resignation Thursday afternoon in a press conference.

Shortly after 2:30 p.m. Thursday, Swallow announced his resignation, which he said is effective Dec. 3.

During the press conference Swallow maintained his innocence.

"I have broken no laws and have vowed to fight for my honor and good name with my very last dollar," he said.

Still, Swallow said the time had come for him to step down.

"Now is the time for the madness to stop and the state to move forward," he said during the conference.

Swallow said the allegations against him were politically motivated. He said the House investigation was "calculated to drive me from office."

He said he has been honored to serve, and he said if he is innocent, then today is a sad day for Utah, as an election has been overturned. Swallow said he will continue to work toward clearing his name.

"I look forward to clearing my name as a private citizen," He said.

A pair of statements were released by the Governor's Office in response to the resignation.

Gov. Gary Herbert stated in the release:  "I received a letter of resignation from Utah Attorney General John Swallow this morning.  John’s decision is in the best interests of his family, his constituents and the State of Utah. I call on the Republican State Central Committee to convene as soon as is practical and send me three names to consider for appointment to the vacancy created by this resignation. Until I make that appointment, I have asked Major General Brian Tarbet to ensure the duties of the Office of the Attorney General are performed.”
 Director of Elections Mark Thomas stated in the released:  “In light of the announcement by Attorney General John Swallow, the Elections Office will review its effect on the ongoing special investigation and will release the final report once it is complete.”

Rod Snow, Swallow's attorney, told Fox 13's Max Roth he had talked personally with Swallow about the resignation.

Snow said Swallow is not admitting any guilt, and he doesn't expect the various investigations to prove he did anything illegal.

"I think it's a combination of reasons," he said. "I don't think it has anything to do with current events."

He added, "It's the stress that's been put on his office responding to subpoenas and the time it's taking the office to respond."

"I think he wants to put his family ahead of politics and of course it's been a financial burden on him because the house allocated three million dollars for their investigation, but they allocated none for the defense," Snow said.

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  • Trish Ramirez

    What a joke. Wasting all of that taxpayer time and money only to resign. He should have resigned when this all started and saved a lot of people a lot of trouble and headache. A true Republican til the end.

      • Trish Ramirez

        You mean our president? Aren’t you a citizen of this nation? And I do believe he is busy trying to ensure the mostly republican House of Representatives is no longer able to filibuster the nation into a legislative standstill until the next elections. Oh wait, that was yesterday.

  • Mary H.

    No, HE IS INNOCENT!!!! Just because a person is accused of doing something does NOT mean that he is guilty. I have met him personally. I even took my kids trick or treating at his house this year. JOHN SWALLOW IS A GOOD MAN!!! He has been falsely accused and he has been railroaded. It is sad that he has been under fire at every turn. He would have done good things for our state if people like YOU would not assume guilt. I hope that some day if you are accused of something falsely that people don’t assume you are guilty. THIS IS A SAD DAY IN UTAH!!!!! I THOUGHT THAT PEOPLE IN THIS STATE WERE BETTER THAN THIS…

      • Mary H.

        Ha Ha Eric! Good try in debunking what I wrote. He is a GOOD MAN!! That was just an example of how much I trust him. He is a good man struggling to stay above the fray of bullets headed his direction. I might not be his best friend but that does not mean that I don’t know him. I know far more than is told to you in the media. Did you know that he has served his neighborhood for years? Did you know that his poor wife was recently in an accident? Did you know that he has been threatened? Did you know that he was one of the major parties in the lawsuit against the US government to stop Obama Care? Did you know that is most likely why he is being falsely accused? NO because that was not publicized.

      • Eric Anderson

        He’s “good” because he “seems nice” and didn’t eat your children…..

        I also like you you drop the “Obamacare” card because you automatically assume I must be a liberal because your guy makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. I’m somewhere to the right of Genghis Khan on the political spectrum. A Life Member of the NRA, a Tea Party conservative and a strict constructionalist on the Constitution.

        John Swallow is a UTAH Republican, which means he loves big, centralized government that micromanages people’s lives. He is SOCIALLY conservative, but in the way he wants to go about forcing his views on society he is pure “liberal.”

        The Constitution is extremely right wing economically (in the sense of very little government regulation) and very libertarian socially (in the sense that it contains almost no restrictions on what citizens can choose to do).

    • M.d. Baumbach

      Mary-how on earth did all of those hard drives get erased? Where are those docs? This was becoming a farce. I am so glad he resigned. Maybe we can get some integrity back in that office.

  • cubmec

    Mary you’re blind sheep trying to prove his “good”ness by mentioning his wife was in an accident or he was part of a lawsuit against Obamacare or whatever else. The facts are there in front of everyone. He violated campaign ethics. He violated state law. He lied to the people of Utah. There is direct evidence. Its only that he has not yet been convicted that people still say “accused”. Now he is proving his lack of ethics and “good”ness by saying he is stepping down due to the “stress”. He should have the integrity to say he is stepping down because he made wrong choices and he is accepting responsibility for his actions. What is sad is that you’re willing to take his being really nice and doing some nice things as that he could NEVER be wrong. It is why people are taken advantage of everyday. Because they are so willing to trust someone who is really nice, or has a nice family, or goes to church with us so they must be good people. Wake up….how many times is it going to happen for people to realize you’re being played.

    • Mary H.

      Cubmec, Why then does he over and over come up innocent? BECAUSE HE IS!! Just because someone accuses someone of doing something does not make it the truth. People make up lies all of the time. If he made wrong choices, he is the type of man that would admit it.

      • M.d. Baumbach

        LOL! Maybe he says it because he is a lying sack of garbage? I will concede that just because he is resigning he isn’t guilty. I think that the state should continue uncovering this mess until they find out how deep it goes.

  • Mary H.

    Cubmec, Why then does he over and over come up innocent? BECAUSE HE IS!! Just because someone accuses someone of doing something does not make it the truth. People make up lies all of the time. If he made wrong choices, he is the type of man that would admit it.

  • Mike S

    You should have had the Hallelujah Chorus playing in the background when this story came up. It would be more than appropriate!

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