Woman accidentally shoots boyfriend on hunting trip

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SUMMIT COUNTY, Utah — A man was accidentally shot in the knee by his girlfriend Wednesday morning during a hunting trip.

Police said the accident happened around 8 a.m. in the Elk Ridge area near Oakley.

Capt. Justin Martinez with the Summit County Sheriff’s Office said the couple had just finished hunting and were loading their truck when it happened. He said the woman was unloading a Remington Bolt Action Rifle when it accidentally discharged, hitting her boyfriend in the knee.

A medical helicopter responded to the scene. The man was reported in stable condition.

Martinez said the incident does not appear suspicious.

FOX 13 will update this story with the latest details as soon as they become available.


  • Eric Anderson

    Unless she is the one who packed the rifle without properly clearing it then it’s not her fault. I suspect it was HIS fault, actually.

    There are only 2 gun safety rules. All others flow from these:

    1. All guns are loaded.
    2. All guns will fire if the muzzle is pointed at a human.

    Assume those two things are true, and “accidents” will never happen.

  • Shantel

    Actually, it was a honest accident! Safety was on, she had the gun pointed at the ground unloading it when it misfired. It was because of a faulty trigger on her Remington 700 that caused this accident. Go ahead and Google “Remington 700” and read all about it. NOBODY is at fault for this terrible accident EXCEPT for Remington for making a faulty gun and not issuing a recall for safety purposes!

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