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Spanish Fork teacher under investigation for incidents involving students

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A Spanish Fork teacher is under investigation for two incidents involving students.

Monte Morgan, a P.E. teacher at Spanish Fork Jr. High, is accused of kicking a student and has been placed on administrative leave, according to the Nebo School District.

Lisa and Corey Brown said they were shocked when their 8th-grader came home claiming his P.E. teacher kicked him in the ribs during gym class.

"I just got kicked by my gym teacher and I text back saying 'was he just playing with you?'" said Corey Brown. "He said no it was a serious kick."

Corey Brown said that he did not initially take his son that seriously when he received a text message from him saying Morgan had kicked him in his ribs because, in his words, he wasn't doing an exercise correctly.

"My heart sank, I couldn`t believe it," said Lisa Brown, the student's mother. "I couldn`t wrap my mind around a grown man had actually kicked my child especially while he was on a mat laying down and had no way to defend himself."

Lisa Brown said she never heard of any issues with the teacher until she and her husband went to file a report with the school and Spanish Fork Police. They learned that Morgan was already being investigated for a previous report.

"We know he has the right to defend himself... we just couldn`t believe he was teaching when this has happened before," Lisa Brown said.

Spanish Fork Police would not release details on either investigation because they said they are ongoing.

The Nebo school district said Monday that Morgan has been placed on administrative leave, pending the outcomes.

"They are handled as any other investigation would be and we`re leaving that up to the district to decide what they`re going to be doing with the individual," said Lt. Matt Johnson, Spanish Fork Police.

FOX 13 was unable to reach Monte Morgan for comment.


  • Blank

    this is so fake, I know this kid and I know the teacher. this kid has gotten teachers in trouble before. and Mr. Morgan is very nice. he would never kick someone. this kid and twisted and edited his story. so fake, it even sounds fake.

    • Tyler Mitchell

      Last year Morgan pushed me up against the wall with a lot of forse I think he didn’t no questions asked.

  • Cory Deichman

    Monte Morgan was my Football coach back in salem, I spent a lot of time with this man and getting to know him. There is no way that he would do something like this. he is a good man. I think the kid exaggerated the story like kids do.

  • Brandon

    This isn’t his first time. He was a coach at Lone Pean and did this a few years ago. Knocked my friend out. It was filmed and all over YouTube at the time.

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