SLC mayor vetoes budget that included proposed property tax increase

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SALT LAKE CITY – Ralph Becker, Salt Lake City mayor, has vetoed a budget passed by the Salt Lake City Council that included a proposed tax property increase.

Becker said this is not the time to be increasing property taxes, and he said he is concerned about people who are struggling on fixed incomes or who are in danger of losing their homes. He also said he doesn’t want to increase burdens on small businesses.

“Property taxes are rightfully the most hated form of taxes in our society and community, and we should do everything possible to avoid raising them,” he said. “In my mind, this year was not the year to raise taxes.”

The city council passed the proposed budget yesterday on a 5-2 vote. They could override the mayor’s veto if they pass the budget again with a two-thirds majority following a public hearing on the budget scheduled to take place in August.