Dozens show up for yogurt date with the same (fake) girl

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OREM, Utah - Dozens of young single men filled up an Orem yogurt shop with the hopes of meeting a girl. What they didn't know was that it was the same girl...and she doesn't exist.

The prank started with putting a picture of "Sammy" on Facebook, then signing her up for the smartphone dating app Tinder.

"They like love chatting with people on Tinder and meeting them and seeing their matches. It's kind of an obsession," said Jourdan Jones, a UVU student.

They sent one message to the around 250 male friends "Sammy" had made, setting up a date at Yogurtland

"We wanted to see how many people would show up somewhere with just receiving one message," said Bowman Bagley, one of the students..

Just one day later, the Yogurtland in Orem filled with around 70 young men expecting a date with Sammy.

"We knew they were up to something because everyone was dressed up, they were smelling good, you know what I mean, they looked like they were looking for someone but it was something else," said Adamseged Emeru, Yogurtland manager.