Two injured after dump truck rolls in North Salt Lake

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NORTH SALT LAKE, Utah - Two people were injured after a dump truck carrying a load of dirt rolled over when its brakes failed in North Salt Lake on Wednesday morning.

It happened at near 39 East Eagleridge Drive. The dump truck was traveling westbound down a hill.

The driver attempted to downshift to slow the vehicle, but was unsuccessful. The dump truck jumped a curb into a parking lot and hit another truck, pinning a man.

"As he is rolling, the individual in this white truck here sees it happening," said Thomas DeCarlo, North Salt Lake Police Department. "[He] jumps out of his truck, tries to run away. As he is running away, the truck slams into him and his own truck when he was outside of his vehicle."

Both the man and the driver of the dump truck were taken to the hospital by ambulance. Officials said they are both in stable condition with minor injuries.

There is debris scattered in the parking lot and damage to several cars.