Strong demand for Hostess snacks as bankruptcy plans announced

OGDEN-- Utahns, as well as consumers across the U.S., are buying up Hostess sweet cakes and snacks while the company prepares for bankruptcy.

After hearing of the company bankruptcy filing announcement, consumers like Kyle Wyler are loading up on their favorite Hostess treat.

"Twinkies, I was hoping to get some," said Wyler outside the Hostess Bakery outlet in Ogden.

Many are discovering their favorites already sold out because of the rush of demand.

Hostess snacks being bought up after the company announced plans for bankruptcy.

"There is absolutely none in there. It's gone, everything is gone," said Wyler.

Just as people are feeling empty that their favorite snack brand is becoming a thing of the past, so are the Hostess employees who face losing their jobs.

"It's kind of like a family here and so we're all just kind of sad and worried about our future," said Hostess employee Marva Yamnacone.

Hostess announced last Friday it is liquidating its assets and laying off 18,500 workers, including nearly 600 employees at the Hostess bakery branch in Ogden.

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