Q: How do I get a copy of your newscast?
A: It is Fox 13 policy NOT to make copies of our newscasts. The following company records all local news broadcasts and provides clips for a fee:

Universal Information Services: Call (800) 408-3178 or Order Online

Q: How do I ask FOX 13 to investigate a story in my neighborhood?
A: Please call the FOX 13 assignment desk at (801) 536-1313.

Q: Can I take a tour of FOX 13?
A: We apologize, but due to security reasons, we do not offer tours of FOX 13.

Q: How can I contact a celebrity from the FOX Network shows?
A: Please write to:

FOX Broadcasting Company
Publicity Department
Attention: (fill in the show title or actor’s name)
P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90213-0900

Or you may e-mail: AskFox@fox.com
Be sure to include the show title or actor’s name on the subject line of your e-mail.

Q: I missed my favorite FOX 13 show – how can I get a copy of it?
A: FOX13 does not distribute copies of any FOX program, but many are available for purchase at http://www.foxstore.com

Q: How can I buy merchandise from a FOX show?
A: FOX merchandise can be purchased at http://www.vipfanclubs.com/

Q: How can you get tickets to a taping of your favorite FOX Prime show?
A: For sitcoms – please call Audiences Unlimited at 1-818-753-3470 or visit http://www.tvtix.com. FOX dramas are closed sets and do not allow audiences to view while filming.