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  • Bingham High’s ‘Lunchroom Grandpa’ surprised with letterman jacket and more

    SOUTH JORDAN, Utah — The person with the most school spirit at Bingham High School might just be the “grandpa” in the lunchroom. Bob Ruff is almost 70 years old. After recovering from a stroke, he wanted to do more than stay home. He took a job as a cashier in the lunchroom at Bingham High School, where he enjoys interacting with students. He’s known for his cheerful words and large collection of Bingham High T-shirts, which he’s rounded up […]

  • Man sentenced in sulfuric acid attack case

    LOGAN, Utah – The man who pleaded guilty to two counts of child abuse for throwing sulfuric acid on two children was sentenced to 1-to-15 years in prison Tuesday afternoon. Jason Keith Summers, who was arrested after the June 2018 attacks, apologized for the attacks during the sentencing, saying he wished he could go back in time and change what happened. His defense attorney said drugs were a factor in the crimes before the victims’ father spoke, saying the attack […]

  • Woman working drive-up window at Springville dry cleaner gets string of life-changing tips

    SPRINGVILLE, Utah – Carrie Bradley is a dedicated single mother of a 27-year-old son named Cameron, who was born without kidneys. Cameron has also battled cancer in the past but is now cancer free and hopes to get a kidney transplant soon, ending years of poor health and dialysis. His mother needs to have enough money for bills set aside so she can be his full-time caregiver for up to three months following surgery. Saving money has been difficult for […]

  • Lagoon is working on a new ride, but it’s a closely guarded secret

    FARMINGTON, Utah — The Lagoon Amusement Park is one of Utah’s biggest attractions, and it’s getting bigger. Construction crews have been hard at work this winter on a project that’s been a closely guarded secret. Guest Services Director, Julie Freed, confirms Lagoon’s next new ride is in the works. “I’d say Lagoon guests can expect to see the skyline change pretty soon,” Freed said. Construction is underway near the north end of the amusement park, not far from Cannibal and […]

  • This Utah business let’s you ‘have your cake and Keto too’

    Chances are you — or someone you know — is on the “Keto” diet. An untold number of people have had success in slimming down by following the diet, or “lifestyle” as some call it, which allows for fats and proteins, but demands reduced sugar and carbs. One of the downfalls for many pursuing Keto is the lack of dessert items and other foods typically made from wheat flour, like bread. But two Utah women have come up with a […]

  • Utah Board of Education votes for rule to allow schools to create phone policies

    SALT LAKE CITY — It’s a common sight to see high school students on their cell phones — and often they get in trouble for it. But kids as young as 7 or 8-years-old are also coming to school with smartphones, according to a Granite School District Spokesperson. There doesn’t seem to be a cut-and-dry solution for schools. Now, the Utah Board of Education is hoping to fix that with rule 495. Rule 495, which is expected to be approved […]

  • Deaf Utahn losing his sight gets amazing surprise from the Fox 13 Dream Team

    Brandon Furgeson was born with a rare genetic disorder called Wolfram Syndrome. As a result, he has always been deaf and was diagnosed with diabetes at a young age. Now, at age 27, he is going blind. With the help of his supportive family, Brandon takes these challenges in stride. He has an upbeat attitude and loves to joke. Brandon also bowls on a deaf league, consistently scoring over 200 per game even though he can no longer see the […]

  • Real-life Utah foster family reviews ‘Instant Family’

    “Instant Family” is a current film which has gotten glowing reviews from critics. But how does the film stack up against the real-life experiences of professionals and parents who work with youth in foster care every day? Fox 13 reached out to Utah Foster Care and Tim and Heidi Naylor of Saratoga Springs to get their take on the movie. Watch the video to see their reactions. There are currently almost three thousand children in state care in Utah. Long […]

  • Breaking it down: what the 2030 Winter Olympics could cost Utah

    SALT LAKE CITY — Utah consistently had a lot going for it when it came to the Olympics bid — namely, all of the equipment leftover from the 2002 Olympics. Officials with the Olympics Committee surmised another Olympics would only cost between $1-1.5 billion — an insignificant number compared to the over $50 billion Russia spent on the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014. However, depending on the status of certain other winter sports, that cost could change. Watch Todd Tanner’s […]

  • Uniquely Utah: Holiday displays in Utah neighborhood draw crowds, and laughs

    Every year since 1975, Sue Card’s house becomes a holiday display. Her neighbor also has a display, though it may have been made with a little less enthusiasm. Watch the video above to hear about the “ditto” display, and what each neighbor thinks of the other’s decorating style.

  • From classic to campy, check out the hordes of horror movies filmed in Utah

    SALT LAKE CITY — Well over 100 horror films have been made in Utah. A few are considered classics, while others are so awful they’re almost funny. Watch the video for a peek at few of each, and the locations where they were filmed. You can also see a complete listing of horror films made in Utah here.

  • Signals From Beyond: Catching creepy sounds at Westminster College with ghost recorder

    A recording device which once sold for around 50 dollars is now worth thousands to Ghost Hunters. Fox 13’s Todd Tanner takes us on a tour of Westminster College’s spooky spots in search of signals from beyond. Watch the video to see what happens and learn more about ghost hunters and researchers Matt and Jennifer Jones here:

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