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  • Uniquely Utah: The final days of Winder Dairy delivery

    A Utah tradition of 139 years has come to an end — Winder Dairy no longer delivers milk. Delivery services from grocery stores and online providers have essentially outmaneuvered Winder’s longstanding delivery system. They’re faster, and sometimes cheaper, but they can’t replace the connections that used to be made between farmers, distributors and customers. In this installment of Uniquely Utah, we give you a last look at the way many Utahns used to get their dairy.  

  • Logan soccer coach who gives generously to kids gets surprised at Rio Tinto Stadium

    SANDY, Utah — The Fox 13 Dream Team is on a mission to change lives. We’ve partnered with Mountain America Credit Union, Woodside Homes and Smith’s Food and Drug to help honor some deserving Utahns. This month, the Dream Team surprised Moises Fajardo. Moises is a former pro soccer player now living in Logan, where he spends every spare moment teaching kids to play. He routinely manages 10-12 teams, and this year he’s coaching two girls’ teams for the first […]

  • Uniquely Utah: Andy’s Ale

    SALT LAKE CITY — There’s a new brew in town called Andy’s Ale, and it’s named after a famous Utah resident. Can you guess which “Andy?” We’ll give you a hint — the new beer is raising some tail feathers at the Tracy Aviary. Fox 13’s Todd Tanner explains in this week’s Uniquely Utah.

  • Uniquely Utah: Helping Monarch Butterflies

    SALT LAKE CITY — Have you seen a Monarch butterfly in Utah this summer? They’re an increasingly rare sight, as their numbers have plummeted in recent years. With the changing landscape of the American West, and the continuing use of insecticides, Monarchs are struggling to survive. But there are ways you can help, and even bring some beauty to your yard at the same time. Watch the video and check out this link for more info.

  • Uniquely Utah: Provo’s road sign collector

    PROVO, Utah — Over the past few years, a colorful and curious roadside attraction in Provo has been growing by leaps and bounds. Everyone wonders, ‘What’s with all the signs?’ Fox 13’s Todd Tanner finds out in this latest installment of Uniquely Utah. Check out the video above!

  • Playing at Rock Camp SLC: Music, empowerment for girls and gender-expansive youth

    SALT LAKE CITY — Kids get the chance to form their own bands and become rockstars at Rock Camp in Salt Lake City. But it’s also about empowering youth. In one week, the summer camp teaches girls, transgender and gender-expansive youth ages 8 to 17 how to play an instrument, form a band and write an original song. Then, the kids take the stage at the music venue The Depot to rock out and perform in front of an audience. […]

  • Utah father whose wife died one day after childbirth gets small town support, a surprise on the job

    RICHFIELD, Utah – McKenzie Shear passed away one day after giving birth to a beautiful baby boy named Ridge on April 19. Many people who knew McKenzie were unaware the energetic young mother had multiple health problems, including a blood disorder that ultimately proved fatal. McKenzie’s husband Cassidy is now the sole provider for his family, which also includes older children. Cassidy’s mother and McKenzie’s mother now take turns watching baby Ridge while he works full time at a car […]

  • Three Utah moms get picked up in a limo, showered with early Mother’s Day Gifts

    SANDY, Utah – With Mother’s Day coming right up, the Fox 13 Dream Team had something special in mind for three mothers. Aubree Murray of Orem is a dedicated mother of two who was also instrumental in supporting her brother Brenn in his battle against addiction. Kristie Edelman or Riverdale runs a day care. In addition to caring for her own family, Kristie’s husband Casey says she goes above and beyond for her clients—helping other parents at all hours with […]

  • Genuine Golden Spike returns to Utah for 150-year reunion

    SALT LAKE CITY — The Golden Spike has reunited with two of its less-famous friends for the first time since 1869. The Golden Spike, the Nevada Spike and the Arizona Spike are currently on display at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. Read more about the spikes here.

  • Bingham High’s ‘Lunchroom Grandpa’ surprised with letterman jacket and more

    SOUTH JORDAN, Utah — The person with the most school spirit at Bingham High School might just be the “grandpa” in the lunchroom. Bob Ruff is almost 70 years old. After recovering from a stroke, he wanted to do more than stay home. He took a job as a cashier in the lunchroom at Bingham High School, where he enjoys interacting with students. He’s known for his cheerful words and large collection of Bingham High T-shirts, which he’s rounded up […]

  • Man sentenced in sulfuric acid attack case

    LOGAN, Utah – The man who pleaded guilty to two counts of child abuse for throwing sulfuric acid on two children was sentenced to 1-to-15 years in prison Tuesday afternoon. Jason Keith Summers, who was arrested after the June 2018 attacks, apologized for the attacks during the sentencing, saying he wished he could go back in time and change what happened. His defense attorney said drugs were a factor in the crimes before the victims’ father spoke, saying the attack […]

  • Woman working drive-up window at Springville dry cleaner gets string of life-changing tips

    SPRINGVILLE, Utah – Carrie Bradley is a dedicated single mother of a 27-year-old son named Cameron, who was born without kidneys. Cameron has also battled cancer in the past but is now cancer free and hopes to get a kidney transplant soon, ending years of poor health and dialysis. His mother needs to have enough money for bills set aside so she can be his full-time caregiver for up to three months following surgery. Saving money has been difficult for […]

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