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  • Get a great haircut, shave and sing the blues!

    Holladay-based Blues Barbershop is being recognized as the June Small Business of the Month by OnDeck, the nation’s largest online small business lender, providing more than $100 million in online financing to Utah-based small businesses. At Blues Barbershop you can count on a great haircut from every barber every time and hear lively blues music at the same time! They pride themselves on being the ‘neighborhood barbershop’, a gathering place, a place for community and connection with friends old and […]

  • Here are the ‘Best of Beehive’ from Salt Lake Magazine

    Salt Lake Magazine Assistant Editor Jen Hill joined us with the ‘Best of Beehive’s’ selected according to regions. In Salt Lake: Best Hiker: Todd Powellson, Parrot Whisperer.  The best thing to do in Utah in the summer is hike, and nothing should stop you… including your parrot! Best Yoga Slumber Party: Schole Yoga, let Nidra yoga get your power zzz’s on. In Sugar House: The Penguin Brothers: Best Gourmet Sandwich (ice cream).  Really cool ice cream and fresh baked cookie […]

  • Spiced up, irresistible beef jerky on a Traeger Grill

    Who knew you could make jerky on a grill — if you have a Treager, it’s possible! Budah saw it for himself with Jesse Johnson from Big Johnson’s BBQ. This recipe is from the Traeger Shop Classes, they host shop classes three to four times a month and teach everything from hands-on brisket instruction to mastering backyard BBQ and more. A Traeger is the perfect way to make your jerky and they shared a recipe for a spiced-up version.  It’s […]

  • You’ll want to try these 2 new shake flavors at Last Course

    Last Course has debuted two new flavors of shakes: Caramel Oreo Cookie Dough and Chocolate Peanut Butter. They also now have flavor-of-the-month ice cream to try as well… that includes Dr. Pepper and Diet Coke ice cream this month. Visit Last Course in Salt Lake City, Draper and Orem.. plus a new location now open in Lehi. Find more at:

  • 5 mistakes parents can make when buckling kids in carseats

    Car crashes are a leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 13, and many times, deaths and injuries can be prevented by proper use of car seats, boosters and seat belts. But, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), nearly half of all car seats are installed incorrectly.  And mistakes are very common. Katie Marble with Zero Fatalities stopped by with important information for parents and a demonstration on properly installing the seats. You can get […]

  • Funding Your Future: Questions to ask before you make a big purchase

    While there are some expenses that may not require much thought, such as groceries, gas or bills, some bigger buys may require a bit more consideration. David Sant with Cyprus Credit Union gives us a few questions that you should ask yourself before making a major purchase. How Does This Purchase Affect My Budget? Would this purchase impact your budget in a negative way? Would this purchase result in bills not being paid on time? If so, you should probably […]

  • 5 Summertime life-hacks for cleaning your home

    Spring cleaning time may be over, but there are plenty of things that demand a good scrubbing come Summertime! Tracy Burrows, owner of Maid4Utah, stopped by with 5 life hacks that make cleaning a little easier. 1. Clean Porch Use stiff broom and power washer on base of doors, concrete and on the exterior to get rid of dirt and webs 2. Windows Windex or Windex Foaming Wash can be used on windows and light fixtures, and when using Viva […]

  • Get fit for free with an upcoming event series at City Creek Center

    The City Creek Center #ShowYourStrength Summer Fitness Series is taking place now until September. Bianca Lyon with City Creek Center filled us in with the following info: This summer, City Creek Center is offering a FREE fitness series! Classes are hosted by a variety of stores and are held every Saturday, plus various days throughout the week. Classes will run until September and are free to attend. For additional details, or to view the full schedule of classes, please go […]

  • Sick with Jealousy? Here’s how to heal it

    Certified relationship coach and speaker Val Baldwin stopped by to share her advice for getting through an incredibly painful emotion called jealousy: “Jealousy is a natural, normal emotion that most people feel from time to time. Maybe it’s seeing the brand new car in the neighbor’s driveway, or your friend or cousin who always looks better than you, or your co-worker who gets all the best assignments. Be aware that jealousy can destroy your relationships and yourself. The important thing […]

  • How you can make your own art at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts

    There’s a new exhibit at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts at the University of Utah.  It’s called ‘Power Couples: The Pendant Format in Art’. The show features works of art meant to hang in pairs; they’re called ‘pendants’.  This was a popular format for artists, and so you’ll see a variety of different kinds of art from across cultures and time periods.  There’s everything from traditional European portraits to fun contemporary interpretations to works by Utah artists.  But they […]

  • Keep little hands busy this Summer, while teaching them a life skill

    Lori Volmar, teacher at Little Sewing Basket, stopped by with student Ruby Linford to demonstrate why sewing is a great activity for kids. “Sewing teaches motor skills, confidence, creativity; plus gets them off screens!” says Lori. “It also teaches them math, patience, social and coping skills.” Loris said a great way to keep kids busy this Summer is a sewing book, where you coordinate with the characters’ patterns. She recommends the Sew Zoey or Lola Dutch books by Michael Miller. […]

  • 6 ways to keep plants healthy in Summer heat, plus a watering lifehack!

    Melinda Meservy, owner of Thyme and Place, says Summer is a great time for plants, because you start to see them getting new growth and flowering (such as cacti). The days are longer, so plants photosynthesize more, feeding themselves and storing up sugars in their roots. Melinda offered these tips to keeping our plants alive in the summer: • Watch for leaf scorch • Check the soil often; even daily; you may need to aerate • Feed them according to […]

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