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  • Man finds $43,000 in used couch, finds owner and returns it

    Howard Kirby bought a used sofa from a Michigan thrift shop, and it turns out he got quite a bargain. According to WNEM-TV , Howard Kirby found $43,000 in the used sofa that was purchased from Humanity ReStore in Owosso, Michigan. Although Kirby could have legally kept the large sum of cash, Kirby decided to return the money. WNEM reported that Kirby found the money last week after having his daughter open a cushion. He thought something felt off about the cushion […]

  • New NASA ‘snow chaser’ plane prepares for takeoff to improve weather forecasts

    WALLOPS ISLAND, Va. – Inside a noisy hangar at NASA’s Wallops Island facility in Virginia sits a specially outfitted P-3 aircraft, also known as a “snow chaser.” Snow is pretty to look at, but at times, treacherous to encounter: when snowstorms wreak havoc on the ground, it can come with a cost. Yet, because of limited research, snowstorms are not as well-understood as other weather phenomena. That’s about to change. “Snow can have a huge economic impact,” said Lynn McMurdie, […]

  • USDA sued over new rule that could cut food stamp benefits for thousands

    A group of 14 states, New York City and Washington, D.C. filed a lawsuit Thursday to block the Trump administration from enacting a new rule that could potentially impact thousands of food stamp recipients. The new rule, finalized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in December, would change a work requirement that could impact unemployed people who currently receive benefits under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, The Washington Post reports. Slated to begin in April, the change would make it harder […]

  • Indiana DNR employee retiring at 102 years young

    BROWN COUNTY, Ind. — An Indiana Department of Natural Resources worker is retiring next month as the oldest employee at 102 years old. Bob Vollmer will retire from his job as a DNR surveyor on February 6, 2020. DNR Assistant Director Marty Benson says Vollmer has been with the department for 56.5 years and is the oldest employee there. During Vollmer’s 100th birthday celebrations, a sign was dedicated in his honor at Brown County State Park. The sign details the important […]

  • Organizations hope to combat high suicide rate of veterans

    In the latest numbers from the Department of Veterans Affairs, former military members are committing suicide at a rate of 17 a day. “If it were 17 a month, I think that would be a crisis but we’re saying 17 a day,” said Shad Meshad. Meshad created the National Veterans Foundation (NVF) and the first ever veteran suicide hotline in the country. He’s been running it for more than three decades, helping thousands of veterans. About a year ago, he […]

  • Woman sentenced to 25 years in prison for poisoning husband with eye drops

    YORK, S.C. – A South Carolina woman pleaded guilty to fatally poisoning her husband by putting eye drops into his water for days. The woman, Lana Sue Clayton, has been sentenced to 25 years in prison. News outlets report that the 53-year-old pleaded guilty Thursday to voluntary manslaughter and tampering with a food or drug. Clayton admitted to giving her husband drinks laced with Visine. She poisoned him with the eye drops for three days in July 2018 before the […]

  • TSA apologizes after Native American woman says agent pulled braids, said ‘giddyup’

    Officials with the Transportation Security Administration have apologized after a Native American woman says an agent pulled her braids and snapped them like reins while saying “giddyup.” Tara Houska, who was traveling through the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, recounted the incident on Twitter on Monday. “Going through @TSA at @mspairport, the agent said she needed to pat down my braids,” she said. “She pulled them behind my shoulders, laughed & said ‘giddyup!’ as she snapped my braids like reins. My […]

  • Does marriage have to mean merging money?

    Marriage is made up of about a thousand daily decisions — and 700 of them involve money. Often, one of the first and biggest is whether to merge finances. A 2018 survey conducted by Bank of America found that 28% of millennials keep their finances separate from their partners’, while 11% of Generation X and 13% of baby boomers do. But statistics can’t determine what’s right for you and your partner. “All couples are unique, and they have to create […]

  • Detroit police corporal who beat naked mentally ill woman up for a promotion

    A Detroit police corporal who was found guilty of assaulting a naked mentally ill woman is up for a promotion, and one group is hoping that promotion won’t happen. Corporal Dewayne Jones was found guilty of misdemeanor assault and battery in the assault of the woman in August 2018 . It was captured on cell phone video that went viral, showing Jones and the nude female patient fighting. The woman was experiencing mental health issues and was brought to the […]

  • Eminem drops surprise album, advocates changes to gun laws

    Rapper Eminem once again dropped a surprise album, releasing “Music to Be Murdered By” on Friday — along with a video that calls for changes to gun laws. The follow-up to 2018’s “Kamikaze” — also released without warning — was announced on Twitter just after midnight. *Spoiler Alert: The article goes into detail about the content of the album!* The Detroit rapper’s new music video for “Darkness,” one of the album’s 20 tracks, depicts a shooting at a concert. The […]

  • Someone has been outfitting pigeons in Reno with sombreros

    When a group of pigeons was spotted wearing cowboy hats in Las Vegas in December, it grabbed national attention. Now, it appears that those pigeons have migrated north — either that or the viral story has inspired copycats. In Reno, Nevada — located about 500 miles north of Las Vegas — more pigeons have been spotted donning headwear. This time, the birds are wearing sombreros. Sabra Newby, city manager for the City of Reno, tweeted photos of pigeons wearing sombreros. While […]

  • Is your money safe? Hackers are targeting retirement accounts, experts warn

    As banks make it more difficult for hackers to get into their systems, criminals are now trying to get into retirement accounts. There are a couple of reasons why hackers would target a 401(k) and other types of retirement accounts. First, there are usually significant amounts of money in these accounts. Second, there are usually fewer safeguards when it comes to access. Consumer groups are finding that getting your retirement account breached may hurt you more in the long run. […]

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