Elle joined the Fox13 news team in January of 2018.

From reporting, anchoring and hosting to web and producing, Elle has found herself filling a number of positions around the newsroom.

Most recently, she worked as a morning and noon anchor/producer in Colorado. Prior to her time there she acted as a one-man-band reporter for the PBS affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona.

Before getting into the broadcast side of the industry, Elle wrote for a number of online and print publications.

She received her degree in Journalism from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University.

Recent Articles
  • Lawsuit claims Utah school district fostered environment allowing sexual assault, harassment of victim who spoke up

    SANPETE COUNTY, Utah — A lawsuit has been filed against South Sanpete School District alleging they fostered an environment that allowed a teenage boy to be sexually assaulted and then bullied by his attackers afterward. Attorney Robert Sykes said he expected to file the lawsuit Thursday morning on behalf of Misty Cox and her son. A draft of the lawsuit provided by Sykes names South Sanpete School District, Superintendent Kent Larsen, Principal Trevor Powell, Vice-Principal Rhett Jackson, and Athletic director Jared Andersen […]

  • Utah animal shelters save dogs one busload at a time

    MURRAY, Utah – Utah animal shelters saved 60 dogs and puppies, known as the “Super 60,” from struggling, overcrowded shelter in south Texas. As the saying goes – every dog has its day. And Wednesday, it was all about the Super 60, a group of dogs and puppies rescued from an overcrowded animal shelter. “Lots of little dogs and puppies and all kinds of cute faces arriving today,” said Best Friends Animal Society regional engagement manager, Lawrence Nicolas. “Small breed […]

  • Police release name of man shot by homeowner in Orem

    OREM, Utah — Police have identified a man who was shot and killed by a homeowner who found the man inside his garage Monday morning. Police said Wednesday afternoon that the man who died after being injured in Monday morning’s shooting is 49-year-old Marcos Rosales. Police at the scene said things began shortly before 7 a.m. Monday when a man found someone rummaging through his detached garage at a residence near 400 North and 800 West. “He walked back into […]

  • Rescue, shelter pets could be new norm in SLC

    SALT LAKE CITY — A proposed ordinance could stop Salt Lake City pet stores from selling dogs, cats or rabbits unless the animals were obtained from a rescue agency or shelter. “The purpose of the ordinance is not to put pet stores out of business, but for them to get animals from humane sources,” said Humane Society of Utah’s Executive Director, Gene Baierschmidt. Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski said most of the city’s pet stores already carry shelter animals. […]

  • Grandparents of boy in critical condition from alleged abuse claim negligence from Child Protective Services

    SALT LAKE CITY — A five-year-old boy is fighting for his life, and his grandparents say their cries for help went unanswered after he was taken to the hospital Thursday due to severe injuries from alleged abuse. 26-year-old Jordan Wills, the child’s mother, and 31-year-old John Manning, Wills’ fiance, were arrested Thursday for felony child abuse charges after their son, identified by his grandparents as Tanner, was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. As of Sunday evening, Tanner remains […]

  • Utah couple has ‘fairy tale’ wedding at Utes football tailgate

    SALT LAKE CITY – Newlyweds combined their love for the University of Utah and their love for each other in a football-themed tailgate wedding Friday. At a glance, the scene looked like an average tailgate before a football game, complete with food, beer and fans. But in this sea of red, two people in white stood out the most, creating a pre-game party straight out of a Utes fairy tale. Once upon a time, John Thieling was a Ute in shining […]

  • ‘We need Medicaid expansion:’ Medical professionals door-knock for Prop. 3

    SALT LAKE CITY – Medical professionals went door-to-door in SLC Saturday to rally support for Proposition 3, a ballot initiative that would raise the sales tax for Medicaid expansion. The expansion would give an additional 150,000, low-income Utahns healthcare coverage. These volunteers believe it’s crucial for Utahns to vote ‘yes’ on Proposition 3. “The number of lives I’m watching be destroyed because they can’t pay for their hospital bills and they have to try to sell their belongings to try […]

  • Haunted house amps up security after employee is groped by visitor

    WEST HAVEN, Utah — Haunted house employees increased safety measures and urged visitors to be respectful after a groping incident turned what is meant to be a scary environment into an unsafe one. Chainsaws, screams and monsters are the things scary movies and nightmares are made of. “Machetes that have been dulled, knives, we have baseball bats,” listed Haunted Hollows employee Autumn Satterfield. What makes the environment frightening is just as much mental as it is physical. “The psychological things […]

  • Jordan River flooding traps transients in waist-deep water

    SALT LAKE CITY – Fire officials urge caution to the public after heavy rainfall traps transients overnight in flood water on the banks of the Jordan River. Salt Lake City Fire Department Captain Dan Marlowe said several factors contribute to the problem. “Where these folks were camping, not prepared for cold weather, because it hasn’t been terribly cold right? And then the overnight rain with the sudden water rise.” It was the perfect storm for a bad situation. “Basically trapped,” […]

  • Couple allegedly scams disabled man, friend warns of larger issue of addiction

    PLEASANT GROVE, Utah – A friend of a couple who allegedly scammed a disabled man spoke to the two’s character and the harmful, lasting effects of addiction. “When I heard about this with Ed, it just broke my heart, because this isn’t Ed,” said Beau Carter the founder of Addicted We Stand, a movement of support and resources for those battling addiction. It was a horrible scam. “They were posing as salesmen,” said Provo Police Department Detective, Nick Dupaix. Something that […]

  • Boy with brittle bone condition has dreams come true thanks to local YouTube star

    GRANTSVILLE, Utah – A local exotic car YouTuber pulled some string to make a dream come true for one car-loving little boy. It was another fast-flying day at the Utah Motorsports campus. “We’ve got Lamborghinis, we’ve got Porches, we’ve got Audis, just racing around everywhere!” said local YouTube star and Super Car Mafia founder, James Condon. “It’s just insane, and they’re loud and I don’t even need ear covers for the cars,” exclaimed 9-year-old Sebastian Perez. “It’s fast and I […]

  • Community rallies in support of ranchers who lost land, cattle to wildfires

    PAYSON, Utah — The Payson Future Farmer’s of America (FFA) members brought the community together to support those who lost a large part of their livelihood in devastating wildfires this summer. “Who will give me two hundred?” the auctioneer can be heard rambling over a junior high cafeteria filled with members of the community. It’s a fast-talking way to raise money for an event that left dozens speechless. “There was a huge amount of loss up in the canyons,” said […]