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  • Man accused of shooting father-in-law back in court

    OGDEN – A man accused of shooting his father-in-law on Father’s Day in an Ogden church was back in court Monday. A judge set a preliminary hearing for September for Charles Jennings Junior. The judge also revoked Jennings’ bail and ordered two separate evaluations before the preliminary hearing. His bail had been set at $105,000 and the public defender said there was no way he or his family could pay the bail. But a Weber County prosecutor said he’s had […]

  • Would you pay for an ad-free Facebook?

    By Heather Kelly (CNN) — Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has been using Facebook quite a bit lately, and he has some friendly advice for the company, from one social network to another. Stone thinks Facebook should offer an ad-free subscription version for $10 a month. A premium version of Facebook could appeal to people who don’t want to wade through the barrage of ads for a juice-cleanse delivery service or Edward Snowden fan fiction (these are the actual ads I […]

  • More questions than answers after deadly roller coaster ride

    By Catherine E. Shoichet and Tricia Escobedo (CNN) — Nobody knows what caused Rosy Esparza to fall out of her seat on a Texas roller coaster ride and plunge to her death. Six Flags Over Texas has closed the Texas Giant ride amid its investigation into Esparza’s death on Friday at its park in Arlington, Texas. Many questions remain unanswered: Was her death a freak accident, or a sign of a larger problem? How risky are roller coasters? And who’s […]

  • Zimmerman helps family out of overturned SUV

    By Vivian Kuo (CNN) — Four days after he was acquitted of murder, George Zimmerman stepped out of seclusion to help a family get out of an overturned vehicle in Florida, authorities said Monday. Zimmerman and another man helped four people get out of an SUV that had overturned Wednesday evening in Sanford — the same community where the former neighborhood watch volunteer fatally shot unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012 — Seminole County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Heather Smith said. […]

  • UK wants to restrict access to online porn

    By Doug Gross (CNN) — Saying that “the darkest corners of the Internet” pose a real threat to children, British Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday rolled out a plan that would, by default, block pornography on most computers, smartphones and tablets. British wireless and Internet providers have agreed to put adult-content filters on phones, public Wi-Fi networks and home computers in the coming months. By the end of the year, the filters will become the default setting for anyone […]

  • Safety Council reminds Utahns about fireworks safety

    Fireworks are a fun way to celebrate Pioneer Day on the 24th, but they can also lead to injuries. That’s why the Utah Safety Council is reminding people about some important safety tips. Fireworks need space from trees, carports, structures or other obstacles. Aerial fireworks need at least a 30 foot bubble of clearance around on the ground and above in the air. Some need as much as 150 feet clearance in the air. Always light fireworks outdoors in a […]

  • Viral Video: Whales almost eat divers

    A pair of Humpback whales came too close for comfort for some divers off the coast of California. Check out the video as they come out of the water right by the divers. Warning: there is some bad language in the video.

  • Provo couple wins trip to see The Monkees in Vegas

    A Provo couple recently won a nationwide contest from Antenna TV, channel 13.2, to see The Monkees in Las Vegas. John Goette and his wife will get to attend the concert on August 10. They talked about their big win on Good Day Utah on Monday.

  • Hungry for Happiness tour comes to Utah

    Arby’s is bringing the Hungry for Happiness Tour to Utah this week. The tour is making its way across the U.S., raising awareness about childhood hunger in America. Representatives joined us on Good Day Utah Monday to talk about the tour.

  • Big Budah learns about pioneer heritage

    Big Budah is celebrating pioneer heritage at This Is The Place Heritage Park. He learned how to make biscuits, bake a pie, and pull a handcart.

  • How to avoid fireworks injuries this 4th of July

    Every year, 4,700 children nationwide are hurt in fireworks-related injuries. Wednesday morning on Good Day Utah, Annette Matherly, a registered nurse with the University of Utah Health Care Burn Center, gave us some safety tips. Fireworks Safety Tips: Never build or experiment with homemade fireworks Fireworks should be handled by adults, not children Read and follow all firework instructions Be sure spectators are out of range before lighting fireworks Light fireworks away from houses, dry leaves and flammable materials Do […]

  • 1 dead, 1 critically injured in wreck as Utah enters deadliest day

    NORTH SALT LAKE — A motorcyclist was killed and a second is in critical condition after a crash on I-15 at Beck Street in North Salt Lake Wednesday afternoon. Police said the two men knew each other and were traveling together. The driver of the lead motorcycle, 36-year-old Matthew Nichol of Cottonwood Heights, lost control and crashed for an unknown reason. He was killed in the wreck. Police said they believe the second motorcyclist, 52-year-old Mark Ross of Cottonwood Heights, […]

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