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  • Author Frank Beddor joins us to preview his upcoming novel

    Film producer and New York Times bestselling author Frank Beddor visited Good Day Utah to discuss his new book Hatter Madigan: Ghost in the H.A.T.B.O.X. and other upcoming projects.

  • Alex Boye previews Saturday’s Warrior reboot

    YouTube sensation and recording artist Alex Boye visited the FOX 13 Studio to talk about the release of the Saturday’s Warrior feature film reboot. In the film Boye plays a Heavenly Guide. The movie is showing in select Utah theaters from April 1st-3rd. Boye also stuck around for a dance off with FOX 13’s Brek Bolton.

  • Electrical incident caused fire at the Utah Film Center, investigators say

    SALT LAKE CITY– The Salt Lake City Fire Department has wrapped up the investigation on a four-alarm fire that started in the basement of the Utah Film Center early Tuesday morning. According to investigators, the fire was caused by an electrical incident in the basement. The fire started around 3:30 at 122 South Main Street in downtown Salt Lake City. A representative for the fire department said 65 firefighters responded to the scene. “This building seems to be very well […]

  • Dating advice from kids

    All of your friends in relationships tell you how to date but maybe that is the wrong place to look for wisdom? Here are some kids on asking someone out.

  • Celebrating Tu B’Shvat: The New Year for Trees

    Rabbi Avremi Zippel, the youth and program director for the Chabad Lubavitch of Utah, visited FOX13’s studio to talk about the holiday of Tu B’Shat or the new year for trees. This holiday marks the time the earliest trees bloom in Israel beginning a new fruit bearing cycle. Zippel explains how people celebrate by eating fruit and making special blessings.

  • ‘Outside Infinity’ plays the FOX13 studio

    Local rock band ‘Outside Infinity’ played live in the FOX13 studio on Good Day Utah. Take a listen, if you want to hear more you can check them out on Facebook.

  • Utah ranks among worst tippers in national study

    For many people income depends not on an hourly wage or salary… but tips,  and according to one report that’s bad news for food service workers in Utah. Lavu is an iPad point of sale system used in 8000 terminals in 80 countries; they used transaction data to break down tipping habits in all 50 states for three categories: tableside, quick-serve (coffee), and bar tab. Utah lands near the bottom of all three categories averaging 18.66%, 13.82% and 14.09%. The tip […]

  • Viral Video: Next time be careful with your phone

    It’s always good to have that person around who’s willing to help you out of a jam…but as today’s viral video shows, sometimes they can be a little too helpful. A woman was just playing he guitar and wanted to record it from a different perspective, that’s when the little boy named Jacob stepped in to help. She couldn’t stop laughing at his advice.

  • What not to do when filling your gas tank

    A video uploaded to YouTube Monday shows exactly how NOT to fill your gas tank. According to a translation of the video’s description, the video was shot at a gas station in Sugurt, Russia. The woman in the video appears to be using a cigarette lighter near a gas pump. The video has already been viewed over a million times.  

  • Man auctioning off his ‘Cash for Life’ lottery winnings — but there’s a catch

    SOURCE: TMW BYRON CENTER, Mich. — A Michigan man’s dream come true could become a dream come true for someone else — if they bid high enough. WXMI reports that the “Cash for Life” lottery earnings won by the man back in the 1990s is will hit the auction block this week. The man filed for bankruptcy back in 2005, and recently he decided to auction off his lottery earnings in an attempt to pay off all his debts. The winnings […]

  • Watch Unified Fire rescue pup that got stuck in icy Herriman pond

    Today, UFA crews rescued a dog that was unable to get itself out of an icy pond in Herriman. #icerescue #unifiedfire — Unified Fire (@FireAuthority) January 4, 2016 Happy for positive outcomes. #unifiedfire — Unified Fire (@FireAuthority) January 5, 2016 HERRIMAN, Utah – Unified Fire Authority tweeted this video of one of its first responders rescuing a pup that got stuck in an icy pond in Herriman Monday. The dog is expected to recover. Tucker’s owner was walking him […]

  • Viral Video: Cat in monkey suit eats banana

    First, is this cat in a monkey suit… eating a banana. Now this is clearly trending because the little furry feline looks adorable but apparently this kitty has been causing some controversy as well. That’s because a lot of people are commenting that this little guy doesn’t look very happy, but really look at him! He looks very content licking that banana.

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