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  • Curious, controversial disease Morgellons confounding patients, doctors alike

    They scratch until they bleed. Open sores cover their bodies. But patients say they can’t get any relief, no matter how many doctors they see. They suffer from an ailment known as Morgellons disease. The mysterious illness has doctors believing the cause is psychological, while patients are convinced it is physical. Many say they are suffering from an ailment that leaves them so drained many have lost their jobs, marriages and their livelihood to a disease that does not show […]

  • Facebook use cited as cause in growing number of divorces

    According to a new study, Facebook is cited as a cause for divorce in one-third of all petitions filed online. FOX 13 talked with a local marriage councilor seeing couples daily who are angry over things their spouse is doing on the social network website. View video reports by Kimberly Houk at the end of this post. Marriage counselor Dr. Jonathan Swinton says Facebook enables couples to explore possibilities outside of their marriage. “There are a world of possibilities that […]

  • Held hostage at home, woman describes reaching out for help through Facebook


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