Jordan’s passion for media started in High School when he discovered he had a talent for capturing and editing video. This then led to him doing a course in Creative Media Production where he picked up skills in radio, television and print.

He graduated with honors from the University of Brighton in England in July 2015 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. While at university he did a few internships and jobs with local and national media outlets including ITV and the BBC.

Jordan started freelancing at KSTU-FOX 13 in 2016 as an Associate Producer. You’ll see stories written by Jordan on as well as see and hear content produced by him on Fox 13 News.

He enjoys photography outside of work and likes to make the most of Utah’s scenic views, especially along the Wasatch Front. Jordan was born and raised in England and moved to the states in August 2015.

Recent Articles
  • Utah rideshare drivers having problems with minors

    WEST VALLEY CITY – Apps like Lyft and Uber can help people get to where they need to be with a few taps, but now Utah drivers working for the companies say they’re experiencing problems with minors requesting rides. Jeani Thompson is one of those drivers and she says she often comes across these kinds of requests in the morning before school starts and in the afternoon when school is out for the day. In her experience, she says it […]

  • University of Utah students make chip that converts heat into energy

    SALT LAKE CITY – Engineers at the University of Utah now have a way to turn wasted heat from things like cell phones and laptops into energy. Associate Engineering Professor, Mathieu Francoeur, says this started as an idea during his Ph.D. studies in 2005. Francoeur then pitched a proposal to the National Science Foundation and received funding for it in 2013. Since then, a team of students has been working on turning his theory into something that can one day […]

  • Utah teens learning how to drive using video game

    COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS – Before teens take to the streets to practice driving a car, some are using a video game to get to grips with the basics first. Driving Essentials launched for Xbox in March 2019 and now it’s being picked up by future drivers, including some in Utah. Raeola Catsanevas is 14-years-old and she’s one of the teens using the video game to brush up on her driving knowledge before she takes the test. “I think it’s a much […]

  • Electric vehicle rideshare service up and running in Daybreak

    SOUTH JORDAN –  A new kind of ridesharing service called KartsUT is now available in Utah, but it’s a bit different to the ones you’re used to like Uber and Lyft. Utah may have public transit in the form of TRAX, Frontrunner trains, and Buses, but stations and stops aren’t always close to people’s homes, so this new electric rideshare service could help bridge that gap. If you head down to the Daybreak community, chances are you’ll see the new […]

  • Apple introduces new features coming soon in iOS 13

    SAN JOSE – Apple released a sneak peek of the new features being made available in their newest software update, iOS 13. Changes include Dark Mode, new ways to edit and browse photos and videos, Private Sign In with Apple, and an Apple Maps makeover. Dark Mode: A New Look for the iPhone The iPhone is getting a new look in the form of ‘Dark Mode’. It features a new dark color scheme that works across all the apps. Apple […]

  • Lawn care apps becoming big business in Utah

    SALT LAKE CITY – A new lawn care app is just making its way to Utah, but it’s entering into a crowded field. GreenPal is the latest to join the pack. The other available lawn care apps include TaskEasy, TruGreen, and LawnStarter. Gene Caballero, the Co-Founder of GreenPal says, “It’s an $8 billion industry, landscaping is, so I think the need is more than it’s ever been for somebody else to do it.” The increase in lawn care apps could arguably […]

  • ‘RNTL’ app created by Utahn lets people rent tools

    SALT LAKE CITY – A new app called ‘RNTL’ is being tested and is expected to make its way to Utah very soon. Nic Brunson and his co-founder Dan Sammons say they came up with the idea while remodeling Brunson’s home in Salt Lake a couple of years ago. “We started thinking as we were trying to find tools and buy expensive tools that there just had to be a better way to do it,” said Brunson. Both Sammons and […]

  • University of Utah Students helping UDOT predict future drone traffic

    SALT LAKE CITY – Students at the University of Utah are working with the Utah Department of Transportation to try and predict what drone traffic will be like in our state and how to handle it. The team of students is part of the Therapeutic Games & Apps Lab and they came up with the game ‘Drone Commander’ to simulate the limits of drone use in Utah. UDOT hopes to use this to build its own traffic system for drones […]

  • Man in critical condition after officer-involved shooting in Riverdale

    RIVERDALE – The Weber County Attorney’s Office is investigating an officer-involved shooting in Riverdale that sent a man to the hospital. Police say it started with them responding to the Cherry Creek Apartments at 1551 W. Riverdale Road on reports of a suicidal man around 1 o’clock on Thursday morning. When officers arrived they say they tried to resolve the situation peacefully. Sometime after that, police say they came across a man who was armed and shots were fired by […]

  • Financial Planning for a Baby: What It Costs to Raise a Child

    A new report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture states parents planning on raising a child should expect to spend an extra $14,000 dollars or more a year. The cost of raising a child includes everything from the price of food, housing, transportation, health care, miscellaneous goods and services, and what the government calls “child-specific expenditures”. Those include clothing, childcare, and education. The report also estimates a cost of $233,610 to raise a child from birth all the way through […]

  • What to do with your 401k when stocks start to fall

    As the trade war between the U.S. and China continues, thoughts are turning to the stock market and how this affects your average consumer. One of the ways it can impact you is if you have 401k savings and the amount it impacts you depends on how much you have invested in stocks or bonds. Fox 13’s Max Roth sat down with Gary Gygi from Gygi Capital Management to get advice on what to do with your 401k when stocks […]

  • Utahn creates app to help identify bars and restaurants

    WEST POINT – A Utah man’s app is getting attention all because of the subject matter. Josh Lytle is the creator of the ‘Not A Bar’ app. He said it took him about two years to create it, and the app evolved from a joke. “It was probably a year and a half ago all these signs started coming up,” Lytle said. Those signs went up as part of the legislation to bring down “Zion Curtains”, which were barriers installed […]

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