Jeff McAdam joined FOX13 as a news reporter in August of 2016.

Jeff does it all. Before converting to a news reporter in Orlando, Florida, in 2015, Jeff was a sports anchor and reporter in Tampa, Florida; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Waco, Texas; College Station, Texas; and Orlando, Florida. His job has taken him all over the country.

The Denver native now calls Salt Lake City his home. But, he’ll always have a fond place in his heart for Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he met his wife and fellow FOX 13 anchor, Danica Lawrence.

Despite the recent transition into news, Jeff has covered some of the biggest news stories over the past decade including a mass shooting at Fort Hood Military Base in Killeen, Texas, an EF-5 tornado that killed 24 people in Moore, Oklahoma, and George Zimmerman developments in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin shooting.

When it comes to sports, and as a life-long soccer and hockey fan, Jeff fulfilled the dream of a lifetime when anchored intermission reports for the Tampa Bay Lightning during the team’s run to the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals. Additionally, he served as the on-camera and on-field host for the US Men’s National Soccer Team during the Federation’s run to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Being in television is more than just a fun title for Jeff. It’s both a unique opportunity to experience life through the eyes of others and to serve as a voice to those who don’t have one. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to travel and experience the world.

That sort of passion started early for Jeff when he moved to Hawaii to attend the University of Hawaii on Oahu to pursue his dream of being a dolphin trainer; a decision that wasn’t happenstance but rather made on porpoise. He later transferred back to the University of Colorado at Boulder.

When Jeff’s not working, he’s hanging out with his yorkies, Cooper and Winnie, and his cat, Layla.

Feel free to say “hi” if you see him and his wife, Danica, out and about.
You can reach him on social media @JeffMcAdamTV.

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