Dora Scheidell joined Fox13 in September 2015 as a weekend anchor and reporter.
Before joining the Fox13 team, she worked as the weekend anchor and multimedia journalist at CNYCentral in Syracuse NY. Before moving to the East Coast, Dora was a multimedia journalist at KRNV News 4 in Reno, Nevada. She was a one woman band: writing, shooting, editing, and reporting. Before moving in front of the camera, Dora spent a year producing the 5pm news at KRNV. She also worked as an assignment editor and a writer in San Diego after graduating with a Communications degree from the University of California, San Diego.
Dora chose a career in journalism because of her insatiable curiosity about people, a desire to learn new things, and a need to connect with others.
After three years in snowy Syracuse, she’s thrilled to be living closer to her family and friends in California.
Already blown away by the natural beauty in Salt Lake City, Dora is excited to explore all that Utah has to offer and hopes to learn how to ski this winter.
Being new to the area, Dora is always looking to meet new people and share their stories. Feel free to contact her anytime at

Recent Articles
  • How to stay safe as temperatures hit peak high this summer

    SALT LAKE CITY — With triple-digit temperatures, heat-related illness becomes a real concern for all of us. On a blistering hot day, there’s a spectrum of heat-related illnesses people can experience, according to Dr. Caroline Vines at Intermountain Health Care. “I don’t feel well. I’m nauseated. I’m dehydrated. I feel dizzy. I’m sleepy,” Vines said of these conditions. They can range from mild discomfort to serious sickness. “The core temperature actually rises. It can get to dangerous levels. It causes […]

  • Family sues hospital after Vineyard woman bled to death in surgery

    SALT LAKE CITY  — The family of a Vineyard woman is suing St. Mark’s Hospital after they say she bled to death a year ago during a routine surgery. The family’s attorney, Rand Nolen, says this never would’ve happened if major mistakes hadn’t been made in the operating room. “This is a tragedy that shouldn’t happen to anybody,” Nolen said. Donnamay Brockbank, 62, went in for a routine heart surgery in July 2018 to remove a device she was having […]

  • Local firefighters dealing with 9/11 health problems ask Congress to fund bill

    SALT LAKE CITY — The 9/11 victim’s compensation fund has been a hot topic in Congress this week after the bipartisan legislation was temporarily delayed, in part due to Utah Sen. Mike Lee. It’s an issue that doesn’t just impact first responders from New York. There were 62 local firefighters who were deployed to New York City, serving on Utah’s Task Force One. Out of those 62, nearly 50% have health issues that can be attributed to the conditions at […]

  • Romney: ‘I support the president’s policies,’ but his tweets were ‘racially offensive’

    SALT LAKE CITY — On Twitter, Utah Senator Mitt Romney referred to President Trump’s attack on four democratic congresswomen as destructive, demeaning, and disunifying, but does he consider them racist? “I choose the words that I think are the most descriptive and I think racially offensive and offensive also to immigrants is an apt and appropriate description. The president has a very unique and noble calling to draw us together regardless of our race, our ethnic origin, our creed, our […]

  • ‘MacKenzie’s Voice’: sorority sisters and friends set up nonprofit

    SALT LAKE CITY — Mackenzie’s Lueck’s sorority sisters, who initially launched the search for her last month, have started a nonprofit called MacKenzie’s Voice. “When MacKenzie went missing, the first thing we said is, ‘What do we do? What is there to do?'” said Ashley Fine, one of her sorority sisters. Helping others figure out what to do when their loved one goes missing is the motivation behind MacKenzie’s Voice. “We learned that there`s not really a handbook or a […]

  • Turning plastic bags into beds for Utah’s homeless

    SALT LAKE CITY — With the hot summer weather, most of us aren’t thinking about keeping warm this winter — but a local nonprofit is hard at work to help keep the local homeless population warm during the upcoming winter months. Bags to Beds was started by Kaitlin McLean as a University of Utah student in 2017. She first learned how to make yarn out of plastic bags after seeing a video online. “I thought it was a fascinating idea. […]

  • Provo City Council adopts all-lethal urban deer removal program

    PROVO, Utah — The Provo City Council voted unanimously to change the way they remove deer from the city. Provo joined 15 other cities in the state adopting an all-lethal urban deer removal program, but as city officials explain, they didn’t have much of a choice. Provo used to have a dual program that included trapping and relocating deer from city limits until the Department of Wildlife Resources changed their policy in May. “After doing some research and things we […]

  • SLC Mayor’s race candidates weigh in on Inland Port protest

    SALT LAKE CITY — Many of the candidates in Salt Lake City’s mayoral race seemed to be on the same page when it comes to the violent protests over the Inland Port Tuesday night. The one word that summed up the sentiment was “disappointment.” “Activism and advocacy is not violence,” said Salt Lake City mayoral candidate Erin Mendenhall while candidate Luz Escamilla said, “Violence is never acceptable.” “Disappointed in the violence,” said candidate David Garbett and candidate Jim Dabakis said, […]

  • After baby kestrels’ death, DWR warns to not disturb bird nests

    SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Department of Wildlife Resources is sending a warning message after two baby kestrels died in a nest that was tampered with outside a Lehi business. According to DWR spokeswoman Faith Heaton Jolley, a concerned citizen notified the department. “They noticed a net had been installed and it was separating the baby birds in the nest from the adult kestrel,” Jolley said. DWR officers responded and called the Lehi Fire Department for help because the […]

  • Utah soccer pros face wage gap similar to U.S. national teams

    SALT LAKE CITY — Many Americans are still beaming with pride after the U.S. Women’s National Team won the World Cup Sunday. However, their victory is shining the spotlight on an issue that transcends sports, as the team moves forward with a lawsuit claiming gender discrimination. Following their victory Sunday, fans wasted no time, chanting “equal pay” to highlight a cause these world champs are championing. The four-time World Cup champion team has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Soccer […]

  • Local veteran: fireworks can trigger PTSD

    SALT LAKE CITY — It’s common knowledge that fireworks can scare our pets, but there are plenty of people who can be triggered by these kinds of celebrations as well. Fireworks go hand in hand with our July 4th festivities, but the men and women who are responsible for the independence we celebrate tend to be negatively affected by them. Karl Devries, who now works as the Outreach Coordinator for the Salt Lake and Ogden Vet Centers, joined the U.S. […]

  • Family of suspect in MacKenzie Lueck case worried about possibility of fair trial in SLC

    Family members of the man suspected of murdering Mackenzie Lueck said they don’t believe he will receive a fair trial in Utah. Speaking from her office in New York, attorney Janet Fashakin said the presumption of innocence is a civil right in the United States and she questioned if Ayoola Ajayi will be entitled to that right if the trial takes place in Salt Lake City. “AJ is being crucified already,” she said. Fashakin said she got a call from […]

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