Big Budah is the features reporter for Fox 13’s Good Day Utah and Live at Eleven. Prior to joining Fox 13, he worked in local radio and has appeared in a number of feature films.

He describes himself as a “fat guy with a mic and he’ll do almost anything to make someone smile.

Budah and his wife are the proud parents of five children. He has learned that if his family laughs at his antics, so will anyone else.

Off-camera, he is the same guy you see during his live shots on Fox 13. And if you can’t tell, he loves life as much as he loves his job.

Budah loves food and sports. He spends his spare time coaching his kid’s sports teams. Before Budah joined the FOX13 Good Day Utah team, viewers will remember him from his radio career in Salt Lake City. He has been on Clear Channel’s KISN 97 as well as Millcreek’s Power 107.9 and U92.

Prior to his radio career in Salt Lake, Budah was also doing radio in northern California.

Recent Articles
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    This month seems to be the busiest month of the year for me with holidays, preparing for my annual family camp with my siblings and their families, and then just for added pressure: running around finalizing stuff for my daughter Jordyn’s wedding. I have been spread very thin when it comes to time to get everything done and trying to make sure that I have to time to workout and recover before the alarm goes off again for a new […]

  • Big Budah’s blog: Working hard and finding time for family

    Too much good happening I have so many things to be grateful for in my life recently. Not particularly to me personally, but proud moments and benchmarks in my family circle. First and foremost my number four child, Kilani, graduating from Jordan High School and closing a chapter in her life and opening a whole new can of worry worms for me!! One new addition to my job duties is being part of the Fox 13 Dream Team, where we […]

  • Big Budah’s blog: Reuniting with family and honoring those who served

    Busy B This month is typically a busy month anyway because of what we in the TV business call “Sweeps”, plus high school football and off-season basketball workouts and tournaments, and not to mention the family activities… there truly is no rest for the wicked. In between all of that I also had to go to Compton to pay my respects to the Mother and Matriarch of our Family: Aveolela Ti’i. It was good to go back to the old […]

  • Fox 13 Dream Team surprises father of 5 with life-changing gift

    MAGNA, Utah – The Fox 13 Dream Team is on a mission to change lives. We’ve partnered with Mountain America Credit Union to help make some dreams come true for deserving Utahns. This month we surprised Troy Goodfellow with a gift that will make his day-to-day living a little easier. Goodfellow is a father of five who has struggled with the debilitating effects of multiple sclerosis for more than 20 years. If you know someone who could use a visit […]

  • Big Budah’s blog: Inspirational people and plans to expand our family

    Inspirational People This month started with a jump start of great motivation and inspiration. I met Mark Eaton and we chatted about his book “The Four Commitments of A Winning Team”, and I spent some time with Pamela Atkinson and her never ending fight against homelessness. These two individuals gave me some needed strength in my own battle against depression and have helped me look to brighter times. Josh Burkman, a former UFC fighter, also laid some of his spirituality, […]

  • It’s Friday the 13th and Big Budah tests some of the day’s superstitions about bad luck

    SALT LAKE CITY — It’s Friday the 13th and legend has it that bad luck is lurking out there if you’re not careful. On the “don’t do” list are things like walking under a ladder or breaking a mirror. Believers say there are a lot of things you can do to fend off bad luck such as throwing salt over one’s shoulder.  

  • Free spay/neuter for cats and kittens – Fix on Fifth

    The Humane Society of Utah is partnering with Best Friends Animal Society and Salt Lake County Animal Services to provide free spay and neuter surgeries for cats and kittens April 5. Click here for complete details from the Utah Humane Society. Leo, Bella and Blue wanted to remind you that we’re giving away 100 free cat spay/neuter vouchers today in our cat clinic here at the Humane Society of Utah. You can find out more by clicking the link in our profile […]

  • Big Budah’s blog: Finding solace from the slumps in service, family

    Health and fitness Let’s start with the bad…there is something to be said about mental health and mental fitness. I fell into a rut this month, and the timing of my “slump” is right around the time of my cousin Jr Matuu’s passing. It left me thinking of all my family members, including my Dad, who have gone on, and I allowed myself to take one day off from working out—chalking it up to a mental day. That one day […]

  • Fox 13 Dream Team awards lifetime of service by paying off woman’s home 

    SOUTH JORDAN, Utah – The Fox 13 Dream Team is on a mission to change lives. We’ve partnered with Mountain America Credit Union to help make some dreams come true for deserving Utahns. For our first surprise, we dropped into Aleen Spencer’s ceramics class at the South Jordan Community Center. Aleen holds the all-time record for most volunteer hours at the center, and she also volunteers at the Riverton Senior Center as well. Aleen’s friends and family tell us she […]

  • Big Budah at Dosecc Fabrication where a Jeep can crawl sideways

    SALT LAKE CITY — Utah is known for places like the Slickrock Trail and the Burr Trail, but to explore them, it pays to have a very good 4X4 vehicle. Sometimes a stock model right off a showroom floor won’t get the job done, so there’s a cottage industry to make Jeeps and other four wheel drives rugged enough to survive what Utah’s back country has to offer. Dosecc Fabrication specializes in creating rock-dodgers that can tilt, climb and maneuver […]

  • Big Budah’s blog: Loving life and playing Cupid

    February may be the shortest month of the year, but it has been full of activity and busy-ness that 170 lbs ago was taxing on my body and energy. Having the energy to complete all my family, volunteer, and fun activities is an exact result of my weight loss, so, to me, less weight means the ability to do more stuff. Celebrity Friends It has been a long while since I have seen my friends who are celebrities in David […]

  • Big Budah’s blog: Road trips and date night with energy to spare

    Road trips: No problem anymore! This month started with a quick family trip to pick up my younger son, who had gone to Idaho to visit my sister and her husband and their children. My youngest brother Lu was the only one living out of town in Hawaii, but now another sibling is out of state and even though it is for great reasons, not having all of my family around is something I’m trying to get used to. In […]