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  • Recipe: Grilled Flatbread with Heirloom Tomatoes

    Grilled Flatbread with Heirloom Tomatoes The flatbread crust is a version of Peter Reinhart`s grilled pizza dough. Tomatoes, sausage and cheese are topped on the raw dough and then grilled on a grill with a lid. The technique can be a little tricky but the smoky flavors and the unique crispness of the crust will blow you and your guests away. Dough Makes four, 4 wt. ounce dough balls 10 wt. ounces unbleached all-purpose flour (approximately 2 cups) 2 wt. […]

  • Health benefits of an Abdominoplasty

    Doctor Mark Jensen answered some questions and talked to us about the health benefits of an abdominoplasty surgery. 1. Who needs an abdominoplasty: someone with excess skin or stretched out fascia. Both stretched out skin and stretched out fascia can be caused by abdominal trauma related to child birth or massive weight gain and loss. 2. There are two parts to abdominoplasty: removal of excess skin and fat, and repair of loose fascia (repair of abdominal muscles). 3. Can these […]

  • Allergy free treats for the classroom

    1 in 13 children have some type of allergy that restricts their eating. So with the new school year here, Megan Lavin showed us a few different options to bring for the classroom treat that will not endanger anyone. Some of her favorite allergy friendly treats to bring are: Mike& Ikes Pez Lifesaver gummies Skittles Fun Dip Dots Classic Lays Potato chips Pixy Stix Fruit Vegetables Megan has many more treat ideas and more on her blog, here.

  • Fall crafts to do with your grandkids

    Nina Lewis, the blogger behind Grandma Ideas showed us a few of the fun (grand kid approved) crafts you can find on her blog. You can also find games, activities, recipes, free educational apps for kids, books to read with grand kids, holiday ideas, product reviews, etc. She focuses on things that are inexpensive, easy to do, and easy to prepare for. For more ideas visit Grandma Ideas here.

  • Exciting things happening at Comic Con

    Dan Farr with Salt Lake Comic Con talked with us about some of the exciting things we can look forward to finding at this years Comic Con. Every year Comic Con features stars from different shows. This year Salt Lake is lucky enough to welcome Mark Hamill as a guest. Hamill will take photo ops with fans and provide autographs as well as speaking on a panel at Vivint Smart Home Arena. Mark Hamill’s only North American comic con panel […]

  • Weekend Planner: Tomato Days, Lantern Fest, Color Run

    Tomato Days Dine-o-Round: Eat good, do good Now through September 15th Various restaurants including Eva’s, Les Madeleine’s, and Even Stevens Click here for more information. Lantern Fest: Saturday, August 20th Starting at 4PM Music, dancing and S’mores Thousands of lanterns light up the sky Miller Motorsport Park Click here for more information. Color Run: Saturday, August 20th 9AM Library Square 5K fun run Click here for more information.

  • A back to school letter for your kids

    Blogger Brooke Romney always has great ideas, and we loved her thoughts on starting a new school year. Here is the letter she wrote to her four young boys: To my favorite boys, This summer has been more than I hoped it would be. I enjoyed every moment of being with you crazy 4 and will honestly be so sad when you 3 big ones walk out the door on Monday. I will miss your wild, your loud and your […]

  • 3 steps to building a network for women in business

    Women network differently than men, and when it comes to relationships in business, women need to learn how to successfully build strong relationships and forge partnership which can help them solve business problems, create new opportunities and even find a mentor for support. It`s all about who you know, who that person knows and how willing you are to help each other. Ann Marie Wallace with Women’s Business Center and Emily Potts, owner of Sugar House Coffee, shared three essential ways a […]

  • Ask a Therapist: Dealing with a terminally ill pet

    Therapist Anastasia Pollock answers viewers (anonymous) questions. Question: Dealing with a Terminally ill pet (dog)  she doesn’t seem to be in terrible pain but we have her amped on pain pills. It’s just hard to decide to have her put down or to see if she will stay asleep one night. Dealing with a lot of emotions. Then how do we cope with all the reminders of her around the house and the commercials of cute dogs on TV? How do […]

  • Recipe: Braised Pork with Plums and Nectarine Blackberry Clafouti

    Chef Lesli Sommerdorf with Harmons came in to show us how to cook with stone fruit for sweet and savory meals. Braised Pork with Plums Serves 8 Ingredients: 4 pounds pork shoulder 5 tablespoons rice wine 5 tablespoons low-sodium soy sauce 1 (2-inch) piece fresh ginger 5 cloves garlic, smashed 1 red chile, deseeded and finely chopped 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 star anise 1½ teaspoons five-spice powder 1 cinnamon stick 2 tablespoons sugar 1 tablespoon tomato paste 1 (16-ounce) box […]

  • Utah Adventure: The 5 best places to spot wildlife

    Utah residents are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place that is filled with wildlife and is open for us to explore. The only problem is sometimes we don’t know where to go. Scott Root shared some of the best places to go to  to catch a glimpse of the rich wildlife Utah has to offer. Northern region: Antelope Island State Park Northeast region: Flaming Gorge Recreation area and the Green River Central region: Strawberry Valley Southeastern region: The Henry […]

  • No time for a shower? How to keep hair from getting greasy.

    Some days you have to skip the shower when you are in a hurry. Hairstylist Jessica Gish shared some tips on how to skip a wash but keep your hair looking great. Section off your hair and apply dry shampoo or baby powder (for blondes) to your roots. Blow dry the product in your hair. Use a clarifying shampoo once a month to remove product build up Use a dry conditioner through the ends of your hair Don’t over brush […]

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