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  • Roy man returns WWII veteran’s lost medals to family

    ROY, Utah — The family of a World War II soldier has been identified after a Roy man’s nearly year-long search. Five medals, a war photo and a casket flag are being mailed from Roy, Utah to Thomas Doug Walker’s family in Ukiah, California. After Jim Thorpe’s friend found the lot of Walker’s WWII regalia in the closet of an Ogden apartment, the Thorpe set out to find the rightful owners. “He was obviously someone special that did something to […]

  • Hackers siphoning money off real estate transactions in Utah

    VERNAL, Utah — A warning for anyone about to buy or sell real estate in Utah: Hackers are finding success funneling millions of dollars to overseas accounts. The hackers are targeting the booming real estate industry by spoofing emails to intercept loan money. After the sale of an income property, Vernal real estate agent Emily Pedersen expected to get $60,000 at closing. By chance, she dropped in on her escrow officer to pick up the check. “She said, ‘I was […]

  • 3 injured by lightning strike at church youth conference

    FILLMORE, Utah — A Taylorsville father and his 17-year-old daughter are both in the hospital after being hit by lightning in central Utah Thursday night. Scott Robison, 45, and his daughter Chloë, both from Taylorsville, were struck while playing “pioneer games” near a tree at the Territorial State House State Park in Fillmore. They were participating in the Building Zion Youth Conference, which was cut two days short because of the strike. Several youth groups from the Church of Jesus […]

  • Bear captured in Mapleton Thursday; third encounter with a bear in Utah County this week

    MAPLETON, Utah — Division of Natural Resources officers immobilized a black bear Thursday morning in Mapleton and will relocate it in the backcountry later in the day. According to a post on the Mapleton Police Department’s Facebook page, a resident walking a dog spotted the bear in a yard in the area of 1700 North and 600 East around 7:50 a.m. The bear ran off immediately. Thirty minutes later, the bear was seen again near 800 North and 600 East. […]

  • Almost $5,000 worth of guns stolen from Roy storage unit

    ROY, Utah — More than half a dozen guns are likely in the wrong hands tonight after they were stolen from a storage unit in Roy. While their home is being built, Cody Darling and his wife are renting a storage unit in West Roy. “I went to drop my other stuff off and I noticed all my guns that were lined up right here were just gone,” Darling said. Seven firearms were found stolen Monday, just days after they […]

  • Bear euthanized after boy scratched during Boy Scout campout in Utah County

    SPRINGVILLE, Utah – A boy suffered minor cuts after a bear wandered into a campsite in Hobble Creek Canyon Tuesday morning, and wildlife officials have euthanized a bear they believe was responsible. The bear entered the Buck Hollow Boy Scout Camp in the left fork of Hobble Creek Canyon around 6 a.m. The campground area is on private property toward the top of the canyon. “This is definitely a spot we will see black bears,” said Faith Heaton Jolley with […]

  • City councilwoman being stalked and harassed — again

    SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah – A South Salt Lake city councilwoman said she’s being stalked and harassed for the second time in a year. Corey Thomas said she’s scared for her safety, especially now that the man responsible got fired from his position at the South Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce. The harassment, Thomas says, started June 7, 2019 when the man started posting hostile comments about her online. “I’m going, ‘Wow, I can’t believe this guy is saying this,’” […]

  • Man who killed mother in 2006 could be released

    FARMINGTON, Utah — A Bountiful man who killed his mother and stuffed her body in a freezer could be released later this month. After Laura Hauck’s killing, her sister Faye Garlock said she was reassured her nephew would never leave the state mental hospital. “We felt comfortable with that and moved on like we should and everything. This was kind of a surprise,” Garlock said. Jeremy Hauck was ordered to the state hospital for 15 years to life after being […]

  • Dog rescued after car plunges into Ogden River

    OGDEN CANYON, Utah — A dog is unhurt after being rescued from a car that plunged into the Ogden River Tuesday. When rescuers got to the crash two miles up the canyon, the car was upside down in the Ogden River. Weber County Sheriff’s Lt. Courtney Ryan said Stephanie Perry was driving fast near the river when the car crashed around 10:00 p.m. Tuesday. Ryan said Perry ran off after people nearby helped her get out, leaving Swift was in […]

  • Woods Cross hires attorney following police incident

    WOODS CROSS, Utah — A recently-hired attorney for Woods Cross City admitted the police officer “made a mistake” when he held a black 10-year-old boy with disabilities at gunpoint. The admission is an about-face after the Woods Cross Police Chief Chad Soffe insisted the officer did nothing wrong during a press conference Monday. “Here, the officer ended up making a mistake. But based on the information he had, it seems like a reasonable conclusion at the time,” Heather White said, […]

  • Snowmelt helping to increase volume of Utah’s lakes

    SALT LAKE CITY — The Great Salt Lake is becoming “greater” than it’s been in a while. With most reservoirs brimming in northern Utah due to heavy snowmelt, the extra water is being released through rivers and emptying out into the Great Salt Lake. And there is plenty of snow still to melt in the highest elevations. According to the latest numbers from the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Willard Bay is at 102 percent capacity. Utah’s reservoirs have reached an […]

  • Family and others troubled by differing accounts of Woods Cross officer incident

    WOODS CROSS, Utah — The Davis County Attorney will review a criminal case against the Woods Cross Police officer accused of pointing a gun at a black child with disabilities. It comes as critics accuse the police department of changing the account of what happened Thursday afternoon. After a reported shooting in Centerville led to a police chase in West Bountiful, Woods Cross Police Lt. Adam Osoro told FOX13 who officers were searching for. “We had a one, possibly Hispanic […]

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