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  • Some campgrounds and canyon roads still closed this weekend

    BIG COTTONWOOD CANYON, Utah — Campers planning to enjoy Utah’s backcountry over the holiday weekend might have to make new plans. Hundreds of high altitude campsites usually booked solid over Memorial Day remain closed because of heavy winter snow. At Spruce Campground up Big Cottonwood Canyon, several feet of snow covers empty campsites. “Just compared to last year, we have a lot more snow on the ground in the sites people would normally expect to be open,” US Forest Service’s […]

  • High winds topple 90-foot poplar trees in Logan

    LOGAN, Utah — Wind gusts reached 65 miles per hour in northern Utah Thursday, causing property damage. Two 90-foot-tall poplar trees toppled over outside Rocky Mountain Care because of high winds and wet ground. The rainy spring softened the soil, which was unable to hold the 30-year-old roots in the ground. The trees sprawled out over the parking lot and front lawn. “It’s quite a mess,” Rocky Mountain Care executive director Forrest Fackrell said. The trees were so massive, they […]

  • Firefighters rescuing more animals from dangerous situations

    SALT LAKE CITY — From dogs to ducklings, Salt Lake City firefighters’ rescue duties have been diverse this month. A regular day for firefighters in the capital city involves medical emergencies with a few fires. The calls for help have been a bit cuter and more cuddly over the last couple of weeks. Firefighter Kade Martin needs to be ready for anything. During some downtime in Station 8 Wednesday, he helped train a rookie about rescuing people from elevators. Just […]

  • Hundreds gather at Capitol to protest increasingly strict abortion laws

    SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Activists at the Utah State Capitol Tuesday argued that American women should make decisions about abortion, not the government. While Utah’s 18-week conditional abortion ban moves forward in federal court, about 300 pro-choice activists stood up against newly enacted laws. They came with costumes, protest signs and passion, arguing federal law passed by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973 should remain the law of the land. “I think the idea of overturning Roe v. Wade […]

  • Upcoming rain brings risk of flooding damage

    SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Rains will keep much of Utah wet for the next several days. With it comes the threat of localized flooding and property damage. Jay Inglesby lives blocks away from the Jordan River and can’t help but worry about flooding. “Please, no rain. Please, please,” Inglesby said. In his basement, a waterline shows flooding from two years ago. While the former community council member put three coats of sealant down, his Shop-Vac stands ready. “Yes, this […]

  • Family of teen shot by police files lawsuit

    COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah – Aaron and Tiffany James’ son was killed by a Cottonwood Heights Police Officer. The shooting was ruled justified. Now the parents of Zane James are taking the officer and the city to court to find answers. Tears fell down Tiffany’s face before showing pictures of her son in a press conference Thursday. “Given the chance, Zane could have been someone great,” Tiffany said. The 19-year-old was killed while running from Cottonwood Heights police officer Casey Davies […]

  • Car thieves target easy opportunities in Pleasant View

    PLEASANT VIEW, Utah — A warning from police that even “safe” communities can be targeted after thieves looked for an easy opportunity in Pleasant View. “I thought that couldn’t happen to me,” Sally Kitchen said. Not much happened on Kitchen’s dead-end street until her husband went to the garage Thursday. “He said, ‘Sal, where’s the car?’ I’m like, ‘Duh, it’s in the garage.’ He said, ‘No it’s not. Where’s the car?’” The family’s red 2013 Chevy Volt was stolen right […]

  • Road construction shuts down part of 1300 East

    SUGARHOUSE, Utah — A major road construction project across Sugarhouse began Tuesday. Different sections of 1300 East will be closed through October, forcing detours as far away as Foothill Drive. 1700 South to 2100 South is first, and crews expect to be done at the end of July. After that, they will shut down and work on 1300 East from 1700 South to 1300 South. Some compare 1300 East to an amusement park ride without the excitement. “People swerve out […]

  • Video shows thief stealing donation jar at Vapor Vault in Ogden

    OGDEN, Utah — A man appeared to steal a donation jar meant for women and children Friday — and he was caught on camera. In surveillance video captured by several cameras at Vapor Vault near the Newgate Mall in Ogden, a man reached behind the counter for a vaporizer. But apparently, that wasn’t enough. The man in a bright shirt, hat, jeans and boots came back for the donation jar half an hour later. Another camera angle shows him using […]

  • Thousands gather to celebrate Transcontinental Railroad’s 150th anniversary

    PROMONTORY SUMMIT, Utah — Utah is partying like its 1869. An estimated people from across the world celebrated the 150th anniversary of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad at the Golden Spike National Historic Site Friday. Twenty-thousand train chasers, history buffs and one oil painter relived a day that unified America. “It’s difficult to get so close, but I came here for the train event. I should paint the train,” Colton Wiscombe said. The large crowd made its way onto […]

  • ‘Big Boy’ helps kick off Golden Spike’s 150th anniversary celebrations

    OGDEN, Utah – Celebrations 150 years in the making kicked off commemorating the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869. On Thursday, Union Pacific brought together two iconic locomotives for the historic weekend. An estimated 7,300 people traveled to Ogden with some coming as far away as Europe and Asia. Four hundred descendants of Chinese railroad workers also came for the celebration. Carlo Lobos arrived three hours early to get the front row to see Big Boy 4014. The largest […]

  • Racial discrimination, assault alleged in lawsuit against Davis School District and transportation employees

    DAVIS COUNTY, Utah — Racial discrimination and assault are at the center of a lawsuit filed by a parent against Davis School District and two transportation employees. A bus driver accused of mistreatment says he’s being framed. Surveillance video from inside a school bus on February 4, 2019 shows several students getting off before driver John Naisbitt appears to close the bus doors right behind a biracial boy. The 14-year-old’s backpack straps get caught in the door. “I couldn’t even […]

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