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  • West High students stage walkout after principal placed on leave

    SALT LAKE CITY — Students at West High School are holding a walkout protest Tuesday morning after Principal Ford White was placed on leave for allegedly giving three drunk students a ride home. The students told FOX 13 they were “blackout drunk” at the school when White gave them a ride instead of contacting law enforcement. “We have a good relationship with Ford which is why I think he did what he did. He was just looking out for us,” […]

  • Defense attorney claims LDS apostle’s comments interfered with ongoing case

    SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — The man in the middle of an accused adoption scheme bashes an apostle for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Paul Petersen’s attorney called out Elder Ronald Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, accusing him of rushing to judgment. Immediately following his first appearance in a Utah courtroom, Petersen’s attorney went on the defense. “Quite frankly, the position recently of Apostle Rasband is offensive to this process,” Scott Williams said. Williams […]

  • Utahns with connections to Santa Clarita react to shooting at Saugus High School

    KAYSVILLE, Utah — The Santa Clarita high school shooting that killed two students and injured three others in California strikes close to women in Utah. “My brother texted me this morning and said, ‘Active shooter. Saugus High.’ My heart dropped,” Monica Clay said in her Kaysville home. “It gives new meaning to the term, ‘Too close to home.’ Because yeah, it was.” Clay and her seven siblings graduated from Saugus High School. Two friends were teaching there on Thursday. One […]

  • Utah homeless shelter receives criticism for treatment of residents

    OGDEN, Utah — Northern Utah’s largest homeless shelter responds to growing criticism over the treatment of people in crisis. While residents and drop-in clients get food and shelter, guests say they’re missing humanity. Amy Oropza ran from domestic violence only to end up homeless with six children. “It’s been difficult,” Oropza said. In the four months she’s stayed at the Lantern House, she says, “it feels like I have not left my abusive relationship” The shelter aims for weekly updates […]

  • Historic downtown SLC theater officially being sold to developers

    SALT LAKE CITY — Salt Lake City staff have confirmed that Mayor Jackie Biskupski agreed to sell the historic Utah Theater to developers who want to build a new high-rise downtown. Hines and The LaSalle Group signed a formal sales agreement with the city for the century-old property. “Every possible financial avenue has been looked at to see if it is possible to restore this theater,” Mayor Biskupski spokesperson Matthew Rojas said. On Tuesday, historic advocates gather outside the developers’ […]

  • Navy veteran searches for missing service dog in Kearns

    KEARNS, Utah — A desperate search is underway for a disabled veteran’s missing service dog. “Arie” hasn’t been seen for nearly three weeks and now her owner is going door-to-door to find the Old English bulldog. For Colton Clausing, 2-year-old Arie is more than a dog. “I never realized how much she made an impact and how much you actually care for something until you don’t have it or see it anymore,” Clausing said. The service animal is trained to […]

  • Ogden homeless shelter at full capacity

    OGDEN, Utah — Northern Utah’s largest homeless shelter may be forced to turn people away this winter. The Lantern House, north of the Newgate Mall in Ogden, is at full capacity and doesn’t have room to put up more people suffering from homelessness. For a year and a half, Ogden’s streets serve as Joe Moore’s home. When he can, the 69-year-old sleeps on the floor of the Lantern House’s soup kitchen. “It’s so crowded, it’s hard to get any rest,” […]

  • Officers on bikes, ATVs and even snowshoes will patrol Sandy’s parks and green spaces

    SANDY, Utah — After reports of a sexual assault and other criminal activity in Sandy’s parks, two new officers will patrol the city’s green spaces. Every day this week, Dee Brumback has enjoyed the fall weather at Dimple Dell Park. “There is nothing better for the soul of a man than a horse,” Brumback said before riding her horse. Extensive rails bring riders, bikers and hikers from across the Salt Lake Valley. “I feel pretty safe most of the time,” […]

  • Relatives travel to Mexico for funeral of murdered family members

    HERRIMAN, Utah — Utah family members are traveling to the funerals of the women and children killed in Mexico. However, they’re not making the trip without safety concerns. Funeral services will be held Thursday in Mexico for the six children and three mothers. “It’s been very difficult. It’s been a difficult week. Especially when we are so far away and feeling helpless,” Joe Darger said, from Herriman. Darger saw the victims at his son’s wedding in the spring, including the […]

  • Third and final Salt Lake homeless resource center set to open Nov. 18

    SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah — The Salt Lake area’s third and largest homeless resource center is almost complete after years of controversy and months of delays. On Tuesday, organizers held a ribbon-cutting and officially unveiled the building to the public. Starting Nov. 18, 60 men a day will be brought from the downtown Road Home shelter. The downtown Road Home served as Mike Poulton’s home for about six months. “It’s helping me get back on my feet, helping me get […]

  • ACLU says Operation Rio Grande hurts SLC’s homeless

    SALT LAKE CITY — Salt Lake City’s homeless population suffered long-term damage from Operation Rio Grande, according to a critical report by the American Civil Liberties Union of Utah that examined the effectiveness of the high-profile campaign. The report released Monday argues that over the past two years, law enforcement criminalized homelessness and a majority of arrests and citations were for low-level crimes and not the “worst of the worst,” as promised. “We’re not doing anything wrong, I’m just trying […]

  • Veteran dispatchers say strict protocol and scripts hindered their ability to send help to 911 callers

    SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah — The 911 dispatch protocol at the center of a lawsuit is causing two former dispatchers to speak out Friday. For 21 years, Brittany Carter was on the other end of a 911 call. “I had a dad on the phone one morning that his two-year-old wasn’t breathing. He was a twin. He ended up passing away,” Carter said. “I’m like, ‘This is taking too long.’ It was horrible.” She blames Priority Dispatch’s “Police Pro QA” […]

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