Erin is thrilled she works her dream job in her home state. A Cache Valley girl through and through, Erin graduated from Utah State University and is proud to call herself an Aggie. She’s a Multimedia Journalist (MMJ), which means she’s her own photographer and editor on top of being a reporter.

Before joining the Fox13 team, Erin was a freelance photographer in Cache Valley for all Salt Lake City TV Stations.

In 2017, Erin covered President Trump’s Inaugural Ceremony and the first Woman’s March in Washington D.C. for Utah Public Radio—an award winning radio news piece for the 2017 SPJ Mark of Excellence Awards.

She returned to the East Coast later that year to work in the Senate as a communications intern. Her boss remarked that she knew how to explain the reconciliation rules for health care reform “better than most senators.” Erin loved her up-close and personal association with our Utah Delegates as well as national political leaders.

Erin is one of the only bilingual reporters in Utah who speaks Cantonese. Living in Hong Kong China for 18 months, she fell in love with the culture, language and people.

While studying journalism and political science at Utah State University, Erin researched and co-wrote an award winning paper on Utah women and the constitutional defenses they employed for suffrage.

When she’s not pursuing a story, you can find Erin enjoying time with her family, hiking, researching Utah’s history and serving within her community.

Erin loves any and all story ideas! Feel free to contact her anytime at or on Twitter @erincoxnews.

Recent Articles
  • Six women making Utah history in Sandy

    SANDY, Utah — There are three new women joining the Sandy City Council, making a six to one ratio of women to men. Marci Houseman will be one of them. “One of the things I’m excited about [is] a strong foundation we have to build on,” Houseman said. Pictures lining Sandy City Hall show the city’s history of leadership, moving from black and white photos to color, and from all men to more women serving. “What you’re going to see […]

  • Pilot’s family gives update on recovery after Roy plane crash

    OGDEN, Utah — For the first time, we hear from the family of the pilot instructor who was flying with a student Sunday when their plane crashed next to I-15. The family said Bryce Ransom broke almost every bone in his body except for his head, neck and back. Put under for surgery, his sister April Wilcock said he has not woken up since. “The goal today was to try and take him off of the sedation medication,” Wilcock said. […]

  • Church apostle speaks about policy changes in Utah’s largest faith

    SALT LAKE CITY — When The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints makes a change in policy, it affects the way many Utahns live — inspiring some, angering others. But what is the process to those policy changes, and how much do church leaders think or know about individuals living those policies? FOX 13’s Erin Cox has an exclusive interview with Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, a member of the church’s Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Watch it here:

  • Air quality and asthma in Cache Valley: Researcher seeking participants

    LOGAN, Utah — New research at Utah State University is looking at how children with asthma respond to air quality in the Cache Valley area. USU professor Mehmet Soyer is working with 10 families in the Cache Valley area with children who have asthma, asking them when they pull out an inhaler, when they skip recess and what their symptoms are after a bad air quality day. “People are worried about the air quality and would like to do more […]

  • Utah State Capitol

    Utah GOP gubernatorial candidates tout grassroots advantage over Huntsman

    SALT LAKE CITY — Three of the four Republican candidates for Governor of Utah said they are bringing something to the table that Ambassador Jon Huntsman Jr., is not—a connection with grassroots politics. Lt. Governor Spencer Cox said he has the endorsement of 126 mayors throughout the State and our current governor, Gary Herbert. “We’re proud to say that we have led the nation in private-sector job creation in the last three years,” said Cox. Cox also said the unemployment […]

  • No ‘Snowpocalypse,’ Instagram memes spur Alpine School District to change snow day policy

    AMERICAN FORK, Utah—Video from the Alpine District Snow Day Instagram page, that had at least 7,000 followers earlier this year, when school districts across the State had a snow day and their district did not, it spurred the district to make some changes. Something, parents in the area said is a relief. “I remember getting on the road and the roads weren’t plowed, and it was crazy,” said Genifer Bacher who had one child with the district this past school […]

  • Utahn helps take others up the mountain to see ‘The Major’ flag

    NORTH OGDEN, Utah — The flag draped in Major Brent Taylor’s honor will hang over the North Ogden canyon for one more day — a site many Utahns and veterans try to hike to. One Korean War veteran tried to take on the hike but found the terrain too steep. An 8-year-old boy with no hip sockets, dislocated knees and club feet also wanted to make the trip but it was too far. Spencer Smith, who does equine therapy as […]

  • School shooting threat thwarted in West Jordan

    WEST JORDAN, Utah — Students at two schools in West Jordan used an anonymous tip-reporting app to help police thwart a threat of a school shooting. West Jordan Police Chief Ken Wallentine said students from Copper Hills High School and Sunset Ridge Middle School reported the threats via the Safe UT app. “In this particular case, we felt that it was credible because we had multiple reports and we also had a little bit of awareness of what had happened […]

  • Funeral services held for three of the victims of the deadly ambush in Mexico

    LA MORA, Mexico — Funeral services were held Thursday for three of the Americans killed Monday morning in an ambush in Sonora, Mexico. Services for Dawna Ray Langford and her two sons, 11-year-old Trevor and two-year-old Rogan, were held in La Mora. Reporter Nate Carlisle and photographer Trent Nelson with our content-sharing partner, The Salt Lake Tribune, traveled to Mexico. You can read Carlisle’s report and view Nelson photographs here. Carlisle told Fox 13 that around 500 people attended the […]

  • Deadline approaches for mail-in and in-person voting in Salt Lake County

    SALT LAKE COUNTY — Monday is the day before elections, and more than 100,000 people have turned in their ballots so far just in Salt Lake County alone. Mail-in ballots must be postmarked no later than Monday. If you didn’t make it to the post office in time, you can still drop off your ballot in a ballot box or vote in-person at a voting center by 8 p.m. Tuesday. As ballots were dropped off, both mayoral candidates in Salt […]

  • Sheriff’s Office identifies two men killed at Halloween party near Roosevelt

    ROOSEVELT, Utah — Authorities are investigating a double homicide after two men died at a Halloween party in Duchesne County. The Duchesne  County Sheriff’s Office said deputies were called to a home at 12000 West and 850 North, north of Roosevelt, shortly after midnight Friday morning. On Friday morning, Duchesne County Sheriff Travis Tucker identified the victims as 22-year-old John Reed Jr. and 23-year-old Tyrell Sowsonicut. Tucker said Reed was stabbed and Sowsonicut was shot. The sheriff’s office does not […]

  • Power outage overnight leaves 500+ homes without heat

    SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah—More than 500 homes in South Salt Lake were without power early Wednesday morning. The outage happened around 2 a.m. and wasn’t restored until mid-morning. Spencer Hall, a spokesperson for Rocky Mountain Power said as the temperature changes, the outages come unexpectedly. “It’s important that people are always prepared in case of an outage, to be able to have a sweater handy,” said Hall. The unique atmospheric conditions in Salt Lake City causes salt to come off […]

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