After 20 years of moving “up and down the dial,” Dave Nemeth has returned to Utah to join the FOX 13 team. Dave brings with him more than thirty years of broadcasting experience. His years in front of the camera include being the first host on Warner Brothers entertainment news show “Extra.” He has also hosted two shows on Sony’s Game Show Network and appeared on a number of television shows including “Desperate Housewives”, “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”, and “NewsRadio”.

Before leaving Utah to host “Extra,” Dave was also the lead singer for the popular salt lake city band “Under the Gun.” Dave says he’s very happy to be back in Utah and especially at FOX 13 where, aside from his reporting and hosting duties, he has launched his lifestyle franchise for the baby boomer generation, “Booming Forward”.

“Returning to Utah was a planned move for us. This is the last stop for my career train and returning to Utah and landing at FOX 13 has been an amazing opportunity for me.”

Dave and his wife Nanci have three grown children, and two “overgrown” dogs. They enjoy hiking, biking, home improvement projects, music and of course, animals. Dave and Nanci are currently “loving life” in Park City.

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