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  • Car Critic: 2019 Honda Passport

    Fox 13’s Car Critic Brian Champagne reviews the 2019 Honda Passport and compares it to the 7-seater Pilot. The difference? Nothing but the number of seats.

  • Car Critic: Two electric hybrid Mercedes

    When you hear “Mercedes-Benz,” you might think of luxury cars and big SUVs. Fox 13 Car Critic Brian Champagne checks out two Benzes that prove you’re half right. The Mercedes AMG CLS53 charges its hybrid batteries when you let off the pedal. The gas engine, a turbo, and an electric compressor get you 429 horsepower, plus the starter motor for 21 more, and it will custom spoil you inside. Your car has a lot of the same equipment as the […]

  • Car Critic: The last of the New Beetles

    Could the car you’re driving now become a collector’s edition in the future? Fox 13’s Car Critic Brian Champagne finds out how supply and demand play into car resale as he tests out the newest — and the final — Volkswagen “New Beetle.”

  • Car Critic: Luxury or utility?

    SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — When choosing a car, do you try to impress, or do you focus on utility? FOX 13`S Car Critic Brian Champagne takes a look at one for each type of driver: the 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Sport AWD and the 2019 Nissan Rogue Sport SL FWD.

  • Car Critic: Luxury SUV

    SALT LAKE CITY — This week, Fox 13’s Car Critic Brian Champagne and a lucky family take a spin in a nearly $100,000 SUV. Take a look inside the 2019 Mercedes GLS450 4Matic and see what makes this car so impressive.

  • Car Critic: Rugged trucks vs. comfortable trucks

    FOX 13’s Car Critic Brian Champagne tests out the 2019 Ford F-150 4×4 Limited and the 2019 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison. One easily outperformed the other on a rough, steep trail, while the other was almost like a luxurious, around-town family SUV.

  • Big wheels add a sporty, aggressive look … but are they worth it?

    LOGAN, Utah — This Corolla is compact and sporty, with an “aggressive” design — including larger wheels. Fox 13’s Car Critic Brian Champagne seeks the advice of a physics professor to find out how bigger wheels affect the car’s performance — especially fuel economy — and why.

  • Car Critic: Comparing the Chevrolet Silverado and the Dodge Tradesman RAM pickup trucks

    LOGAN, Utah — Pickup trucks are popular everywhere, in Utah they are very popular. They’re used for everything from a work truck to a ride to the Junior Prom. Before dropping between $49,000 and $53,000 on a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado or a Dodge Ram, check out this review by Fox 13’s Car Critic, Brian Champagne.

  • Car Critic: Comparing cars in the $50,000 to $70,000 price range

    SALT LAKE CITY — If you’re looking for a car in the $50,000 to $70,000 range, Fox 13’s Car Critic, Brian Champagne has some tips. He shows what to look for when comparing similar models, in this case The Mercedes C300 AMG versus the Lexus ES 350 Ultra Luxury.

  • Car Critic: Car companies spending big on an all-electric future

    SALT LAKE CITY — This week. Ford made a $900 million investment to build electric powered vehicles at its Flat Rock plant. General Motors is investing $300 million to build an all-new electric vehicle. Should you buy a gas vehicle with a lot of high-tech bells and whistles, or wait a few years for some electric models being designed now? Fox 13 Car Critic, Brian Champagne, looks at what’s on the market now, and what the not-so-distant future holds.

  • Car Critic: Comparing a pair of 3 row, 4 door vehicles

    LOGAN, Utah — Fox 13’s Car Critic, Brian Champagne, compares a pair of 3 row, 4 door vehicles. He checks out the Mazda CX 9 and the Acura MDX.

  • Car Critic: Test driving the 2019 Lexus RX 350

    SALT LAKE CITY — The 2019 Lexus RX 350 is a luxury vehicle. The new model is a very smart car. Your face can open the tailgate if your hands are busy. How does it do off of the nice streets of the city? Fox 13 Car Critic, Brian Champagne, puts it to the test.

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