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  • Car Critic: Comparing cars to SUVs

    This week, Fox 13’s Car Critic Brian Champagne compares apples and oranges — or cars and SUVs. Why? Because car buyers do just that. Watch as we compare a Jeep Cherokee Limited and a Lexus IS-350 head-to-head.

  • Car Critic: Where in the country has the worst drivers? Possibly, nowhere.

    Have you ever thought, said, Facebook posted or tweeted about how “bad” Utah drivers are? Well, it seems people around the country think the same thing about where they live, from New York to Boston to Connecticut. This week, Fox 13’s Car Critic explored how perhaps drivers from different areas aren’t bad, but just have a different culture.

  • Car Critic: Electric cars are evolving

    When you think about electric cars, you may picture slow, eco-friendly shoeboxes that can’t go very far. Fox 13 Car Critic Brian Champagne looks at the latest technology that’s taking out all those old stereotypes along with some local experts on the subject.

  • Car Critic: Taking a look at upcoming 2020 models

    It’s that time of year when car dealers are clearing out last year`s models and bringing in the new ones. Fox 13`s Car Critic Brian Champagne helps you decide if you should buy now, or if one of these previews is worth the wait. In the video above, check out the new plans for some of next year’s most exciting releases!

  • Utah moms call for action against gun violence

    SALT LAKE CITY — Today, Utah moms rallied with those across the country to put an end to gun violence. At what activists called a “recess rally,”  speakers included a survivor of the Trolley Square mass shooting, people from grass-roots organizations, and elected county and state leaders. While organizers say they were happy to have state and county politicians there, they say this problem needs a national solution and called upon Senators Mitt Romney and Mike Lee to take action.

  • Wet ground at Bonneville Salt Flats delays Speed Week races; planned for Tuesday

    BONNEVILLE SALT FLATS, Utah — Racers and fans from all over the world are in Utah for Speed Week. The record-breaking action was supposed to start Saturday, but Thursday’s heavy rainstorms caused a delay. The ground at the Bonneville Salt Flats was too wet from the storms, so races have been postponed. Waiting for the track to dry out could be considered a bummer. But with the amazing vehicles out here to check out, no one`s complaining. They’ll wait for […]

  • Car Critic: A sneak peek at Speed Week

    Speed Week is less than a week away, when the fastest cars on the planet come from all over the world to set records on our Bonneville Salt Flats. Fox 13 Car Critic Brian Champagne shows you how local racers are getting ready, and how you can get ready to watch. The event runs from Aug. 10-16 and Sep. 13-16. More information can be found by clicking here.

  • Car Critic: New 2020 models are hot and cold

    There are two cars that if you want them, you’d better get them now — and there are two more that could be worth waiting for. Fox 13’s Car Critic gives us a sneak peek at the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette, the Toyota Supra, and an electric Ford F-150. And see what other Volkswagen model the company is killing off to make room for more SUV production. Check it out in the video above.

  • Car Critic: Keeping your car cool

    Summer is peak road trip season, but it’s also peak temperature season — a combo that’s tough on your car. Fox 13 Car Critic Brian Champagne has some simple things you can do to keep your road trip on the road, and he consults with an expert Cache Valley mechanic for wisdom on the subject. Find out what to watch for and what to do to avoid engine overheating this summer, and what to do if you experience it. Watch […]

  • Lights, camera, suspension: Mercedes GLE has it all

      The all-new 2019 Mercedes GLE has everything Fox 13’s Car Critic Brian Champagne reports. It even has a “Hey, Mercedes” voice-activated feature. It has so many features, the Critic only had enough time to show off the headlights, stoplights and electric suspension. And even with so many fancy electronic bells and whistles, it still made it up this steep, rough hill. Check it out in the video above!  

  • Car Critic: The Toyota RAV4 goes hybrid

    If you made the best-selling non-truck vehicle in America, would you risk changing it? This week, Fox 13 Car Critic Brian Champagne finds out if Toyota messed with its own best-seller — the classic RAV4, hybrid edition.

  • Car Critic: The Chrysler 300S

    ROY, Utah — Sometimes, age can be a good thing. Fox 13’s Car Critic Brian Champagne tests out the 2019 Chrysler 300S, now in its 14th year. Watch the video above to see what this smooth-looking and smooth-driving car has in common with old airplanes!

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