Hi, I’m Amanda, and I’ve been in Utah most of my life! When I was 8 years old, I made my own radio station in my room called “Lightning ABC Radio.” I recorded hours of tapes with me as the DJ, the commercials and yes, even the musical artists! So you could say I always wanted to be in media, but I wasn’t serious enough to make it in hard news!

In middle school, I was the cartoonist for the school newspaper, and in college, became the Arts and Entertainment Editor for its paper, The Globe. I was hired while still in college to be a writer for The Salt Lake Tribune’s entertainment magazine, In Utah This Week. But after I interviewed all my favorite rock stars I was ready for a new adventure! I became a rock DJ at a 94.9 The Blaze, and did entertainment segments for Park City TV.

My first actual news job was at KUTV as an assignment desk editor, but was soon promoted to help launch and produce their first lifestyle show, “Fresh Living.” Later on, I moseyed on over to 101.5 The Eagle to co-host their morning show and had a lot of fun mingling with Garth Brooks and Brad Paisley, but man, did I miss TV! So I returned to KUTV to do weekend feature reporting for a few years.

Now, I’m at KSTU as a host on “The Place,” and I’m back in my happy place of delivering information in a fun, quirky way with one of my mentors Big Budah (but don’t worry, even though I also do some of our commercials, I don’t sing our theme song)!

I’m also married (to another reporter) and a mom to a grade-school boy, a dog AND a horse! When I’m not on TV or hugging animals, I’m teaching Yoga with the Sharks (really!), guiding people in meditation, and giving inspiring talks.

Thank you for reading this, and for watching Fox13! If you ever have an idea for a fun segment, email me!

Recent Articles
  • September is National Family Meals Month. Here’s how to make it happen!

    September is National Family Meals Month designed to support families to enjoy more quality time together over home cooked meals and, as a result, reap many health and social benefits. Our guest today is Aubriana Martindale, Smith’s Corporate Affairs Manager. 1. What is the aim of National Family Meals Month? The aim is simple: families should pledge to have one more meal together, at home, per week. More than 8 in 10 parents say it is important to eat at […]

  • How to turn dried chamomile flowers into loose-leaf tea

    Tea-loving Amanda Jones, here with hopefully a money-saving kitchen hack you’ll love. I happened to purchase some flowers from a local grocery store and noticed they were “chamomile!” I love chamomile tea, so when they finally past their prime in the vase, I wondered if I could harvest the still beautifully smelling flowers for tea! The Internet said I absolutely could! Simple pull or trim off the flowers. If they are not all the way dried yet, lay them in […]

  • Never been fly fishing? This husband-wife guide team make it as easy as a click of a button

    Never been fly fishing?  All you need is to hit “book now” to be geared up and lead out on a Heber Valley adventure with Wilderness Access Outfitters. Married couple Kate and Bryan Silvey took Amanda and Big Budah fly fishing on the Provo River. We had been fishing before but are still at that beginner level, and didn’t have any equipment of our own. Luckily, the Silvey’s outfitted us with everything we needed to hit the water and start towing […]

  • Zero Hunger Zero Waste Hero: Dolores Lopez of Gourley Elementary

    The food pantry at David Gourley elementary school is great for ending hunger, but it really doesn’t do any good if people can’t ask for what they need. This month’s Zero Hunger Hero features a special volunteer who’s helping her community get exactly what they need from the pantry. “The Spanish thing is a big deal around here; there’s a lot of Spanish population,” says Kearns resident Dolores Lopez. She’s sent all five of her children to nearby Gourley elementary, […]

  • 2-ingredient recipe to wake up your eyes!

    It’s hard to see your eyes looking puffy or tired. And who knows if the cream I just spent fifty bucks on is actually working! So I did some research on natural ingredients that are found in many eye de-puffers and came to a richly dark conclusion: Coffee! Coffee is well known as a caffeinated drink that makes you feel alert. But did you know, according to reports, it also makes your skin wake up when used topically? This article […]

  • Dr. Oz swoons over new grandchild, and how humans can find more joy through connection

    “The Dr. Oz Show” airs daily after “The Place,” so sometimes we get a visit from the Dr. himself. Today he stopped by ahead of a speaking engagement with USANA to share messages of connection and service. He said he is so proud of his daughter Daphne (who is a chef, and appears on his show) for just welcoming her fourth child, and for being living proof of a value system he worked so hard to pass down. His show […]

  • These 6 yoga poses let you skip the gym on ‘Leg Day’

    Leg Day at the gym can get boring. And if you don’t have a gym membership, you may be stumped about how to do Leg Day on your own, without buying weights like kettlebells or dumbbells. I found a solution for those who want to tone their buns and thighs without any equipment, or even leaving the house! Try these 6 poses and start seeing muscle tone quickly (in my experience, leg muscles get noticeably more toned fairly quickly, which […]

  • How to clean 3 different types of produce with vinegar

    Most of us were taught to wash our produce, but is rinsing with cold, running water – as the University of Minnesota Extension recommends – enough to kill all the germs? Apparently not! According to to Livestrong.com, “A study published in 2003 in the Journal of Food Protection found that washing apples with a vinegar and water solution reduced salmonella on the outer skin significantly more than washing with water alone. Jack Bishop, editor of Cook’s Illustrated, performed a similar […]

  • The longest zip line (over water) in the world is in Heber Valley, and we tried it!

    Utah boasts the longest zip line in the world that’s over water, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the expansive views of Deer Creek reservoir, Provo Canyon and Heber Valley. Zipline Utah owner Jon Johnson built his first zip line at age 10 on his family’s property, and now runs an adventure course business in Heber Valley. Big Budah and Amanda Jones took a day trip up to Zipline Utah to try their longest ride called the Screaming Eagle. […]

  • New Halloween trend replaces pumpkin with pineapple, and we try it out!

    Carving pumpkins is one of the few Halloween traditions that has stood the test of time. But one blogger is messing with the spooky staple, by throwing out the gourd and grabbing a…pineapple! The benefits, I guess, are that there are no seeds, less mess, and the cored-out fruit tastes better than some overcooked (or slimy!) pumpkin seeds. Now watch Big Budah and I try to carve our own pineapple Jack-O-Lantern!

  • How you can get a free root beer float today at A&W

    Scott Brown with A&W stopped by to give us a heads up about National Root Beer Float Day! A&W Restaurants have served more Root Beer Floats than anyone, so this is a great day and a great way to thank their guests.  Whether you’ve got a car full of kids or need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up at work, drop by and enjoy a Root Beer Float – on them! You can get one free small float per person from 2-8pm on […]

  • Zero Hunger-Zero Waste Hero: Backyard Garden Share

    Can hunger be eradicated in Utah, just with the extras from backyard gardens? Utahn Patricia Thomas thinks so! “Feeding America estimates if we rescue just a third of the produce we already have in our gardens, we could completely feed everyone who’s hungry with the fruit and vegetable component that we need every day,” she said. That’s the mission of her non-profit Backyard Garden Share, where she works with her sister and Head Volunteer, Nancy Peterson, to help get people’s […]

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