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  • How a Utah nonprofit is using ‘Uber for food rescue’ to feed the hungry

    A new app is connecting hungry Utahns with fresh overstock from local eateries! As this month’s Zero Hunger–Zero Waste spotlight,  we find out how Wasteless Solutions uses an app to rescue food and fill up growling tummies around Salt Lake. We followed Wasteless Solutions founder Dana Williamson on a food rescue mission. She checks an app she calls “Uber for food rescue” to see which local eateries have extra food they want to donate. Today, the app – called Food Rescue US […]

  • 12 packing hacks for easier Memorial Day travel

    I am an organizational tyrant when it comes to packing for a trip, because I know a little effort on the front end makes everything so much easier when you’re on the road! So I’m giving you my best packing hacks in hope you can fit more in your suitcase, and protect your stuff from getting damaged! – Put your necklaces in straws so they don’t get tangled -Keep all liquids in a sealed bag – Pack dress shirts like […]

  • What is homeopathic medicine, and why use it?

    You may have seen it at a grocery store or heard a friend talking about homeopathic remedies, but how is it different than Western medicine? Tammy Anderson Ward, founder of Hope Haven Events, stopped by ahead of the Energy Healing Conference to share the following information with us. You may be asking yourself, “What is energy medicine?” Tammy explains it this way: “I have a great definition from Dr. David Feinstein. ‘Conventional medicine, at its foundation, focuses on the biochemistry […]

  • Under-eye Bags and Wrinkles Gone in Minutes with Plexaderm

    Many of us have seen before & after pictures and videos on social media of people getting rid of eye bags in minutes. The transformations are incredible and almost unbelievable.  We’re talking about Plexaderm, and it works in minutes to reduce some of the key signs of aging.  If you have wrinkles, crow’s feet or under eye bags, get ready to be amazed! Lifestyle Expert Angie Winegar shares the secrets of this new technology and how to change the way you see yourself in the […]

  • We found a discount pass to play all 90 holes at Heber Valley golf courses, and 20% off on lodging

    Just a short, scenic drive up the canyon takes you to a place where golf is not just a game; it’s a game that’s wrapped in a mountain staycation! We met Chris Stover, PGA who is the Head Golf Professional at Wasatch Mountain State Park golf course, who told us how to have an “Epic Golf Summer” at places around Heber Valley: The Epic 90 Pass gives you five 18-hole rounds of golf plus a 20% discount on lodging for […]

  • Amanda’s Mother’s Day Recipe: “Hidden Veggie” Breakfast Muffins

    Amanda’s Mother’s Day Recipe: ‘Hidden Veggie’ Breakfast Muffins By Amanda Jones This is a healthy choice for the conscious Mom in your life. I started making this recipe as a way to get more veggies into both mine and my family’s diets on the go. My 4-year-old gets sick of his morning smoothies (let’s face it, so do I) so I like to mix it up by serving these “chocolate muffins” for breakfast – that’s what my son calls them, […]

  • Yoga for stronger abs

    It actually doesn’t take much work to tone your abs; it just takes consistency. So get started on your dream stomach with these simple yoga poses for any body! Find more info and a list of upcoming yoga events at and 

  • 4 -ingredient, DIY shaving cream

    Whether you want to save some money or need a great dad/grad gift, this DIY shaving cream is a good choice! With only four ingredients, it comes together quickly and easily. Good luck! INGREDIENTS 2½ oz shea, mango or cocoa butter 2½ oz coconut oil 3 Tbsp castile soap 2 Tbsp jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, or grapeseed oil INSTRUCTIONS Place coconut oil and butter in a pot and warm over low heat until melted. I use a […]

  • Zero Hunger Hero: Shrinking landfills by turning trash into natural gas

    Utah is now home to breakthrough technology in reducing greenhouse gases. Wasatch Resource Recovery, a partnership between ALPRO Energy & Water and the South Davis Sewer District., is capturing those gases and helping us heat our homes with what we throw in the trash. We visited the South Davis Sewer District in North Salt Lake, wondering what are those big dome things dotted around the property? Morgan Bowerman, whorecruits food producers to donate to Wasatch Resource Recovery, said, similar to human stomachs, the tanks are […]

  • 3 DIY Cleaners to Save Money at Home

    With just a few products, you can keep your home clean and fresh. The best part for me about making my own cleaners and soaps is that instead of buying a new bottle when something runs out, I can just refill them with incredibly inexpensive products that not only save money, but are also proven to be effective! Many of my solutions utilize vinegar, baking soda or a concentrated soap. But before we go into the ingredients, I am focusing […]

  • Add one ingredient to Pop Tarts to make ice cream!

    While scrolling Facebook, we came upon this video, showing us how to make Pop Tarts popsicles just by adding heavy cream to crushed up Pop Tarts and freezing for  2-3 hours. We tested the recipe was as easy and effective as it looked in the video, and how it tasted!

  • Save time and money with these 2 easy dog treat recipes

    I spend so much money every month on dog treats, so in an effort to cut back, I learned and tested two recipes I modified from Pinterest. Sweet Potato Dog Chews Preheat oven to 250 degrees Slice a sweet potato length- or width-wise depending on the size of dog you have. Make sure no slice is thinner than 1/4 inch or else they will wither away in the slow heat! Place segments on parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Bake […]

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