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  • Local police departments joining mental health initiative

    SPANISH FORK – Local police departments are joining a campaign they say will help them better handle an issue they face every day; mental health. “There was an individual that had taken some blankets and towels and was wrapping them around mailboxes and different things and was talking to himself loudly,” said Lt. Brandon Anderson of the Spanish Fork Police Department. Anderson said the demands of their community have changed, so as a department, they too must change to better […]

  • Utah civil rights icon Archie Archuleta dies at 88

    SALT LAKE CITY — Robert “Archie” Archuleta, a longtime community and civil rights activist, has died. The House and Senate Democratic caucuses announced his passing in a statement late Friday. He was 88 years old. “Archie was the voice for the Utah Latino community,” Rep. Angela Romero, D-Salt Lake City, said in a statement. “We are who we are today because of him. We hope to honor his legacy by continuing to advocate on behalf of marginalized communities.” Archuleta became […]

  • Witnesses recall moments they say they saw Bigfoot near Provo; experts say Sasquatch unlikely

    PROVO, Utah — Whether Bigfoot is real or not is more a question of faith than science. Case in point, the latest sighting in Provo. The incident happened earlier this month, and of course, there is video. “Seriously, look how big it is. I don’t think it is a human. I think it’s a Sasquatch,” said a Provo man. It was a bluebird January morning in the foothills of Northeast Provo when a group of guys saw a figure on […]

  • Furloughed IRS workers are forced to change their daily lives

    WEBER COUNTY — As the government shutdown languishes on, furloughed workers here in Utah are about to miss their second paycheck. “When is this going to get resolved? How is it going to get resolved? Are we going to be able to go back to work tomorrow? Probably not,” said Debbie Newell, who works for the National Treasury Employees Union at the IRS. Newell has worked for the IRS in Ogden for 13 years. Being an employee with the union, […]

  • Little Cottonwood Canyon briefly reopens after natural avalanche, skiers stranded at resorts for hours go home

    COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, Utah — It was a busy afternoon Monday at both Cottonwood Canyons. A lot of skiers and snowboarders were not able to get up the canyons to enjoy the fresh powder, while some that did make it, could not get down. Around 1:40 p.m., Snowbird posted a tweet alerting people that there had been a natural avalanche in the White Pine area of Little Cottonwood. “Well it’s just been unbelievable; the amount of snow that’s been falling. Up in […]

  • Former Utah State football player Torrey Green found guilty of multiple rape charges

    BRIGHAM CITY, Utah — 25-year-old Torrey Green hung his head and sobbed as a Brigham City jury determined his fate. Guilty of five counts of rape and one count of sexual battery. This is for six women who accused Green of taking advantage of them while he was a student at Utah State University. “We feel very good about their decision, very happy that they believed all six of the survivors,” said Spencer Walsh, chief prosecutor for the Cache County […]

  • Mitt Romney visits Weber County during government shutdown, where thousands of government employees are furloughed

    WEBER COUNTY, Utah — Senator Mitt Romney R-UT was in Ogden Friday, meeting with Weber County commissioners, to talk about how the partial government shutdown is affecting members of the community. Thousand of furloughed workers in Ogden have not been clocking into their positions, and are feeling the effects of the shutdown. Romney said he is doing whatever is in his power to end the shutdown that he knows is affecting so many. Romney said that ultimately, it would take […]

  • Barbie doll left on grave of 6-year-old rape, murder victim could shed new light on cold case

    SALT LAKE CITY — Who left a Barbie doll on Rosie Tapia’s grave? That was the question Thursday at a press conference held by the Utah Cold Case Coalition, and, 23 years later, they still don’t know, but they continue to ask for your help. “I’m hoping the Lord will let me live until we find the person who took my daughter,” said Lewine Tapia, Rosie’s mother. Rosie Tapia was 6 years old when she was kidnapped from her Salt […]

  • Duck hunter finds message in a bottle in Utah Lake, wonders how long ago it was written

    UTAH COUNTY — While duck hunting on Utah Lake Saturday, a man found a message in a bottle, written by an enthusiastic young person, who described their life, friends and family. The hunter, who stated his name was Travis, said he was hunting just south of Sandy Beach on the lake, when he found an old glass bottle laying in the water. When Travis looked more closely at the bottle, he noticed there was a note inside. The note was […]

  • Locals in Ogden say government shutdown has hurt their businesses directly

    OGDEN, Utah — The government shutdown has affected much of the U.S. with some government employees working for free, but it is also affecting local businesses in Ogden. “We had to trim back because we don’t have the foot traffic for lunch now that we have when they’re open,” said Rick Szeles, owner of Old Frontier. Old Frontier is located directly next to an IRS building where around 5,000 workers have been furloughed since the shutdown began. The businesses owner […]

  • On National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, survivors share their courageous stories

    Jan. 11 is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. It’s a crime with far more victims than many of the public would like to think. “I remember talking back to my father, and he grabbed my face and shoved my head through a window, and that was just a conscious moment where I was like, ‘oh I can’t say anything,'” said Kimberli Kocherhans, a victim of human trafficking. Kocherhans says she was abused by her adopted father and trafficked throughout Idaho […]

  • Place your Christmas trees curbside, not in local parks

    SALT LAKE CITY — It only took one day for twenty Christmas casualties to pile up at Cottonwood Ball Park, and Wasatch Front Waste & Recycling says this is a problem they see the entire month of January. “It’s not efficient and it makes our parks look not pretty, obviously. It’s not a nice sight to come in and see all of these trees here,” says Yael Johnson, customer service manager for Wasatch Front Waste and Recycling District. Trailer drivers […]

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