How a “Be Prepared Pail” could help save you in an emergency

When it comes to natural disasters or even weather events, should we rely on the government for food-related assistance or should we rely on ourselves?

Be Prepared Emergency Essentials is ready to help us all get ready with their Be Prepared Pail.

It's  THE ONLY kit that covers all the basics you need for 14 days:

  • Food. Delicious chef-crafted meals—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—with 2,017 calories and 52 grams of protein per day PLUS all the gear you need to cook them (you won't find that anywhere else).
  • Water. 80-gallon, heavy-duty survival-grade water filter for food rehydration and drinking
  • Warmth. Lifesaving supplies for warmth and weather protection

Just store this kit away (it lasts for up to 25 years)* and rest easy knowing when disaster comes, you have a safety net.

You can order yours at:

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