Couple married in Utah hospital room on Christmas Day

Hospital Wedding

A district judge married Curt Harkins and Renee Hall at Intermountain Medical Center on Christmas Day. Murray, Utah. Dec. 25, 2019. Photo courtesy Intermountain Medical Center.

MURRAY, Utah — A hospital room at Intermountain Medical Center became a makeshift wedding chapel as a patient and his fiancé tied the knot on Christmas morning.

Curt Harkins, 56, of Castleford, Idaho has been hospitalized since October with heart failure and is scheduled to undergo surgery on Thursday, a hospital spokesperson said.

Caregivers at Intermountain Medical Center helped find a district judge, obtain the proper paperwork and even decorated the hospital room.

Then, early Wednesday morning, Harkins and his fiancee, Renee Hall, both wore hospital gowns as they exchanged vows.

“We had been planning to get married last year, but life ended up getting in the way,” said Harkins. “I love her a lot and wanted to make sure we made it official.”

Surgeons with Intermountain Medical Center’s Heart Institute will be putting in a left ventricular assist device (LVAD) pump to keep Curt’s heart functioning until he can receive a heart transplant.

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