Ideas for toys to support healthy minds

The fewer toys kids have, the happier they are with their toy selection, says Mental Health Counselor Jessie Shepherd.

She cites a Harvard University study which found more than 20 toys has sharp decline in satisfaction and enjoyment in playing with the selection of toys given.

Jessie suggests the following when considering toys to support healthy minds:

Develops creativity, problem solving and connection between spoken and action verbiage. Examples: dress up, blocks, art, books.
Develops social skills, social/individual morality, and promotes a longer attention span. Examples: games, tent, group art projects.
Develops muscle growth, bone growth, and general physical skills along with growing an internal locus of control. Examples: soccer ball, bikes, jump ropes.

Jessie says time spent with your child in any of these areas is by far the most valuable.  Love and connection set the stage for growth and development.  So get out there and play!

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