Utah’s first-ever ‘DeafTown’ shows you don’t have to hear to succeed

SALT LAKE CITY — For the first time ever in Utah and just the second time nationwide, the Junior Achievement "Biz Town" program became "DeafTown" for two days in Salt Lake City.

Students from Utah, Idaho and Colorado met during their Fall break to learn about managing finances and running a business on Thursday.

On Friday, they put the learning into action.

"I thought it would be difficult," said Isabella Holladay as she took a break from managing a faux Maverik Convenience store set up on the fourth floor of the Children's Discovery Museum in Salt Lake City's Gateway Mall.

"I do need to learn job skills as well. It's very important that you work and you're able to pay for things like food and groceries. If you don't work you can't afford those things," Holladay explained.

Michelle Tanner, Associate Superintendent for the Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind, said the program proves what is clear to her.

"Their options are limitless," Tanner said.

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