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Homeless advocates ask community for donations as winter approaches Utah

SALT LAKE CITY -- Don’t let the blue skies and comfortable temperatures fool you, winter is fast approaching and we may even see some snow this weekend.

That means folks living out on the street or those in need of temporary services will be flocking to places like the Gail Miller Resource Center.

It’s one of three brand new facilities that are replacing the Road Home shelter on Rio Grande street.

Two are already open and the third will begin accepting clients next month.

And once those facilities fill up, those individuals are going to need a whole host of daily items—including jackets, shirts, pants, underwear, socks and personal hygiene items.

The bins and racks are full at this facility for now, but officials are asking folks in the community to keep the donations coming.

Donations are often shared among the service providers in the area as needed.

"A lot of times if one of us gets a lot of one thing, we'll call the others and ask if they can use it as well,"  said Matthew Melville with Catholic Community Services.

There is some talk in the community about possibly keeping the original Road Home shelter open throughout the winter months if it’s needed.

Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox is expected to meet with his staff to discuss that here in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, Matt Melville wants to remind everyone that Catholic Community Services' facilities on Rio Grande, including the soup kitchen, remain open and available to folks in need.

If you have any other questions or want to find out more about donating, visit Catholic Community Services’ website  or the Utah branch of Volunteers of America.

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