Harmful algal bloom advisory still in effect at Taylorsville pond

FILE: Algal bloom

TAYLORSVILLE, Utah — The City of Taylorsville is reminding residents to continue to heed the algal bloom advisory at Millrace Park Pond.

“A water sample was collected on Oct. 8, and Anatoxin-a levels are still detectable. During a ‘warning advisory,’ you should not swim in the water or ingest it, avoid areas with algae and keep animals away,” a tweet from the city said.

Ingestion of the toxins from harmful algal blooms can result in intestinal cramping, headaches, nausea, rashes or irritations of the skin, eyes, nose, throat or lungs.

“No human deaths in the United States have been caused by cyanotoxins; however, companion animal, livestock, and wildlife deaths caused by cyanotoxins have been reported throughout the United States and the world,” according to the Centers for Disease Control.

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