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Vaping devices seized in Grand Co. School District retested; no signs of meth this time


MOAB, Utah — Grand County School District officials issued an update Monday on vaping devices that they previously claimed had tested positive for methamphetamine.

“Recently, vaping devices found at the school tested positive for methamphetamine and THC. The vaping devices have since been retested and the results were negative for methamphetamine, though the THC was confirmed,” a statement from Grand County School District said.

On October 3, Grand Co. School District issued a press release indicating that there had been more than one incident of vaping devices that tested positive for meth. No details on the nature of the testing was made available.

The School District tests all vaping devices for the presence of drugs, and students who are caught vaping or in possession of a vaping device are given a mandatory ten-day suspension.

“The safe school violation policy will continue to apply to any students caught vaping or with vaping device,” the statement said. “Grand County School District is committed to enhancing our prevention efforts, fostering a safe learning environment for students, and promoting community wide education around vaping.”

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