Frightening folks help firefighters spread safety message

SALT LAKE CITY -- With this being fire prevention week and as we get closer to Halloween, what better time for firefighters to team up with ghosts, ghouls and goblins to let folks know that fire safety doesn’t have to be scary?

Some of the actors from the Fear Factory showed up Monday to help firefighters remind folks about fire safety.

They said to make sure your smoke detectors are in good working order and that kids are wearing fire resistant costumes for trick or treating.

They also want to remind folks about cooking during this time of year, which can include leaving items unattended on a stove or problems while using deep fryers.

But one of the big things they wanted to focus on is family home safety—with the emphasis on smoke detectors, which consistently save a lot of lives.

“Since smoke detectors came out in the mid-70s, they’ve cut fire deaths in half in the country,” said Fire Marshal Jeff Fox with West Valley City Fire.

Fox said it’s not just about having them, but maintaining the devices.

“Every family needs to plan and practice with their smoke detectors,” he said. “They should test them at least once a month and then replace them every 10 years.”

Don’t be afraid to practice those escape routes with your family, so everyone knows where to go in case of an emergency.

Like anything else, the more familiar you are with things like smoke detectors and fire escape routes the better off you will be in the event of an emergency.

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