Brandon Mull releases details about book release launch event

Brandon Mull, the American author best known for his children's fantasy series, is revealing plans about his newest book release.

Dragonwatch Book 3 will be released on Tuesday, October 1st. It's the third book in a five-book series. It's the sequel series to Fablehaven.

In the Fablehaven series, heroes Seth & Kendra visit a Dragon sanctuary.

Due to the success of Fablehaven and wanting to explore more of the Dragon Sanctuary, Brandon developed the continuing story in Dragonwatch.

Dragonwatch Book 2 was a #1 New York Times bestseller, as was the paperback of Fablehaven.

Mull also has a new picture book releasing the same day called 'Smarter Than a Monster: A Survival Guide.'

Mull says this will arm young readers with practical advice in can be used as a parenting tool that teaches common sense and positive and healthy habits.

In this picture book, Mull uses humor and a fantastical imagination to uncover the truth about monsters while guiding young readers to good habits that can last a lifetime.

There will also be a book launch event that's free and open to everyone. It's on Saturday, September 28th at Skyridge High School in Lehi at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. It`s also the only place to get a copy of Dragonwatch Book 3 ahead of the release date.

To RSVP, click on the RSVP link at

On his Fall 2019 tour, Mull will be traveling more than 25,000 miles, with stops in; Arizona, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Texas, several cities in Utah, and even cities in Poland, Europe.

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