New airport ahead of schedule, one year from opening

SALT LAKE CITY — Phase one of the new Salt Lake City International Airport will be up and running early.

Concourse A is on schedule for a September 15, 2020 opening. The surprise is Concourse B, or the North Concourse, which is months ahead of schedule with a new opening date of October 2020.

Mike Williams, Program Director for the Airport Redevelopment, took Fox 13's cameras on a tour to show off the progress.

The Plaza, with its 47-foot-high ceilings, is far enough along for restaurateurs and other concessionaires to come in and take measurements to finalize designs for business. The giant space is the centerpiece of the concourses.

"Once you've come in through security, you can sit down in this area and enjoy yourself. You can sit and do work or you can just sit and enjoy yourself and look out the windows at the beautiful mountain views and the aircraft," Williams said.

Ultimately, the facility will be entirely new, with phase 2 scheduled to open in 2024.

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