We couldn’t wait to try two new menu items at Arby’s

There are two new menu items at Arby's and we couldn't wait to try them.

First - the S'Mores Shake!  This is everything you love about sitting next to a cozy fire, roasting marshmallows to a sweet, toasty brown and placing them between a graham cracker with rich, indulgent chocolate.  Except in a shake!  You can enjoy them anytime, anywhere - not just around a campfire!

Second - Bourbon BBQ Sandwiches!  Get 13-hour smoked Brisket or Roasted Turkey paired with a delicious bourbon infused barbecue sauce.  It's everything barbecue lovers desire.  Smoked meats, brown sugar bacon, a barrel-aged Kentucky bourbon sauce, and the ease of not having to travel far to get them.

You can find more at: Arbys.com.


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