A Washington man says he cut power lines to protect the US from the KGB…because Ariana Grande told him to

File photo: Ariana Grande

MAPLE FALLS, Wash. – A Washington state man is facing multiple charges after he cut power lines for a surprising reason, KOMO reported.

Whatcom County deputies said they responded to a scene Tuesday where residents said they saw a man cutting power lines and meter box wiring. Deputies said they found the man cutting lines from a power pole.

According to KOMO, the suspect told deputies he worked for the United States government and the military, according to a probable cause statement.

He told them he was cutting the lines to “prevent the Russian KGB agents from poisoning the U.S. with nuclear toxins that were being transferred from the power lines.”

According to the statement, the man was taking his orders from Ariana Grande. He was arrested for malicious mischief.

Puget Sound Energy said the man did about $5,000 worth of damage at just one scene, KOMO reported.

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