Utah company makes bulletproof back-to-school gear

SALT LAKE CITY — With back-to-school preparations underway, one Utah company is keeping safety top of mind.

Aaron Gilbert's company, Citizen Armor, makes bulletproof backpacks and binders, and bulletproof panel slab that can fit right into a briefcase, purse or diaper bag.

"It's something that they carry with them already and we just supplement it with a piece of armor that'll stop a .44 Magnum," Gilbert said.

The next couple of projects for Gilbert include armor protection against a rifle, along with protection for EMT’s.

Gilbert also has a five-year contract with the State of Utah to create products to fortify schools.

“We can actually use a baseball bat, we can shoot through it and the glass with still hold in place from them breaking and entering,” said Gilbert.

The products aren’t just to help protect kids during school, Gilbert also offers free armor for those in immediate danger from domestic abuse.

“If I can prevent it from happening, I would,” said Gilbert.

For Joshua Christensen and his family of three girls, with one on the way, he said the armor is enough.

“Having that peace of mind going into a movie theatre, bringing in your diaper bag and you have some armor there? There’s just absolutely no regret,” said Christensen.

More information can be found on their website.

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