Huge influx of graffiti in Heber City causes $22,000 in damage

HEBER CITY, Utah — The past few weeks we have seen a huge influx in graffiti. Property owners around town have had an estimated amount of up to $22,000 worth of damage done due to this graffiti.

In a post on its Facebook page, Heber City Police say this is something they’re not okay with and are asking for the public’s help.

They ask residents and business owners to:

  1. Report: Contact the police immediately after finding graffiti vandalism. By reporting you are given a case number for your insurance company and records. This case number helps to ensure that the graffiti is documented and photographed for your information and insurance companies. You also, could be given resources for cleanup.
  2. Identify: After it is reported, officers will identify if the graffiti is being done by taggers or gangs. This is important to help identify which direction to go and potential problems.
  3. Remove Graffiti: Remove the graffiti promptly and completely. By removing it immediately it deters from having it done again.
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