Kids as young as four can learn martial arts in Sandy

Tiger Rock Martial Arts is Sandy offers classes for kids from four years old right through adults. The teach Taekwondo, which is one of the world's most popular martial arts.
Budah got to see first-hand what children learn in the classes they teach -- and boy was he impressed!
Taekowndo is made up of three Korean words - tae (foot), kwon (hand) and do (way).  Taekwondo uses teachings from ancient Korean and Chinese traditions as well as the Okinawan tradition of karate.
Tiger‐Rock Martial Arts is known as Ho‐Am Taekwondo. This name symbolizes the spirit, values, and vision of Tiger‐Rock Martial Arts. The word ho means ‘tiger’ in Korean language and the word am means ‘rock’ in Korean. The Tiger symbolizes justice and bravery, and the Rock symbolizes the steadfast and immovable life spirit of the Korean and Western civilizations.
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