Here are the ‘Best of Beehive’ from Salt Lake Magazine

Salt Lake Magazine Assistant Editor Jen Hill joined us with the 'Best of Beehive's' selected according to regions.

In Salt Lake:

Best Hiker: Todd Powelson, Parrot Whisperer.  The best thing to do in Utah in the summer is hike, and nothing should stop you... including your parrot!

Best Yoga Slumber Party: Schole Yoga, let Nidra yoga get your power zzz's on.

In Sugar House:

The Penguin Brothers: Best Gourmet Sandwich (ice cream).  Really cool ice cream and fresh baked cookie combos.

In North Salt Lake:

Best Way to Lose Your Voice: Cannibal Roller Coaster at Lagoon.  It's the steepest vertical drop in North America!

In Ogden:

Best Piano, City Club Bar: Everything Beatles, if you are worried or have anxiety about them never existing you can go there and be reassured.


500 West Hello! Bulk Market: Best Way to Bulk Up, refillable bulk item foods, coffee, cleaning supplies and fresh food items as well.  And, it's owned by a woman!

In Logan:

Cache Humane Society Cat Cabana, get to hold and socialize with the kittens before they are adopted, or adopt one yourself (it's kitten season!)

South of Salt Lake:

Best Excuse to Buy a Sari: Salt Lake Studios Bollywood Dance Class - who hasn't fantasized about wearing a sari and dancing around?

In Utah County:

Dry Bar Comedy Club: Comedy clean enough for Utah County.

In Park City

Harvest (Coffees and Avocado Toast) Best Brunch Spot or Biscuits and Gravy Woodland Biscuit Co. (Best recovery after a long night).

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