DWR: Lake Powell quagga mussel problem getting worse

Courtesy DWR

LAKE POWELL, Utah — The Division of Wildlife Resources is increasing its quagga inspection and decontamination efforts on boats leaving Lake Powell, the DWR announced Friday.

The quagga infestation has become worse this season. Officials say it’s because of rising lake levels that have dislodged previously exposed mussels, leaving them floating in the water and attaching to boats.

Quagga mussels are often found onboard boats, sucked into sea strainers, on anchors and in compartments.

Although the division is increasing its staff at inspection and decontamination sites, officials still ask boaters to be patient.

To help the process go faster, DWR suggests boaters check their vessels for mussels or shells prior to arrival at the inspection station, remove anything suspect,

Utah DWR and State Parks remind anyone with a watercraft that they are required to stop at each of these inspection stations.

check the sea strainer, pull all drain plugs and pump out ballast tanks.

Also, the DWR states that more than just motorboats are required to stop at the inspection stations they have set up — sailboats, jet skis, wave runners, canoes, kayaks and even float tubes can collect mussels. Any other form of personal watercraft, as well as any trailer or vehicle that goes into the water on the boat ramp,  should be inspected.

More information can be found on the DWR website.

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