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How to nail the Monochromatic Makeup trend

Makeup artist Bobbi Farnworth says it's not only possible to use a monochromatic color palette on your face, but can also make a gorgeous statement, as long as you don't break the big rules.

She says:

Use at least two different shades of the same hue. For example, a light pink and a dark pink.

Use the darker of your shades on your focal point (eye or lip, not both!).

In general, don't go nude on your lips while rocking monochrome. Even if your kisser's not the focal point, use a substantial shade that's a little deeper or brighter than normal.

On your eyes, soften the darker shade by first covering lid to brow-bone with a light shade, then using the darker in the crease or as an eyeliner.

*If you're using it as eyeliner, consider using an angled brush, not an eyeliner pencil, for the perfect cateye "flick." Simply drag it through your darker shade and across your lashline, then "flicking" the brush at an angle FOLLOWING THE LINE OF YOUR LOWER LASHES.

If you want more info, visit Bobbi on Instagram here.

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