What kids and parents can learn about underage drinking at Utah’s Hogle Zoo

Today is Parents Empowered Day at Utah's Hogle Zoo.

Amanda was there to show us what the animals and other exhibits can teach all of us about underage drinking and how to prevent it.

First, she got to feed a giraffe.  Heidi Peterson, Prevention Program Manager at the Utah Division of Substance Abuse & Mental Health says it's important to eat with your kids five times a week.

Second, she stopped by the Brain Display to see the effects of drinking underage.  Co-Chair of Parents Empowered, Doug Murakami, says the effects are evident in a child's underdeveloped brain (and that includes the brains of teens).

Third, Amanda learned why it's important to create a happy and safe habitat for your children while visiting the Bright Futures Preserve.  Susannah Burt, Prevention Program Manager at the Utah Division of Substance Abuse & Mental Health, says it's important for kids to feel happy and safe at home, so they don't turn to outside sources of what they believe is happiness and fulfillment.

The Parents Empowered day at Utah's Hogle Zoo is today, June 25.  You can get $5 off an adult ticket by printing a coupon at fox13now.com/contests.  You can learn more about Parents Empowered at: parentsempowered.org and you can learn all about Utah's Hogle Zoo at: hoglezoo.org.

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