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After adding pool tables, SLC karaoke lounge gets a beer license

SALT LAKE CITY — A karaoke lounge was finally granted a beer license after adding a pair of pool tables.

Utah’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission granted a license to Heart and Seoul Karaoke.

“We are now a karaoke and billiards hall,” said Brody Horton, one of Heart and Seoul’s owners.

The DABC reversed a prior denial of a recreational beer license for the lounge, just like it did for Social Axe Throwing. Utah liquor laws have a very specific list of what qualifies as a “recreational activity” to get a license. Billiards, golf, bowling are on the list; axe throwing and karaoke are not.

Social Axe Throwing added some pool tables and therefore met the qualifications of the law. Heart and Seoul apparently did the same.

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