Hogle Zoo opens its own Meerkat Manor

SALT LAKE CITY — The "Hakuna Matata" spirit is taking over Utah's Hogle Zoo.

The zoo held a special ribbon cutting ceremony for "Meerkat Manor" earlier this week. The habitat is being dedicated to the zoo's chairman emeritus, James "Jim" E. Hogle Jr., who says meerkats are his favorite animal.

"I have enjoyed them, and they are one of my favorites, though lions are close second," Hogle said.

He loves the way meerkats work together.

"They're kind of like little people — if you watch them grow while they have their family units and they scurry about," he said. "I even have a favorite member of every meerkat group that I've seen."

Hogle's grandparents donated the 42 acres the zoo sits on, and like his father, he served on the board of directors for more than 30 years.

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