Memorial Day kicks off an important driving challenge

Zero Fatalities Brand Manager Katie Marble, CHES, CPS-T, stopped by to share the following message with us just in time for the holiday weekend.

Memorial Day kicks off the 100 days of summer where each of us need to make it our 100 Safest Days of Driving!  Utah drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and people riding motorcycles and bicycles each need to practice improving their roadway safety, by changing individual behaviors.

The fact is, human error causes 94 percent of all crashes and that includes not buckling up and driving impaired.  If you know that alcohol or drugs are part of your activities, plan ahead.  Get a designated driver and read your medication labels.  Drugs and alcohol are a factor in 36 percent of summertime, fatal crashes.

Other dangerous activities include over-correcting, drifting out of your lane, tired driving and phone distractions.

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