Upcoming rain brings risk of flooding damage

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Rains will keep much of Utah wet for the next several days. With it comes the threat of localized flooding and property damage.

Jay Inglesby lives blocks away from the Jordan River and can’t help but worry about flooding.

“Please, no rain. Please, please,” Inglesby said.

In his basement, a waterline shows flooding from two years ago. While the former community council member put three coats of sealant down, his Shop-Vac stands ready.

“Yes, this is my lifesaver if you will,” he said.

The wet spring is already causing property damage across the Wasatch Front. Tiles on the side of a downtown condominium building fell down over the weekend. The property manager said it’s directly related to the heavy rain.

“There is always a risk of flooding if you live in a flood plain,” Salt Lake County Flood Control Director Kade Moncur said.

Moncur told FOX13 that flood damage can come from debris backing up the water — whether it’s in a river, a rain gutter or storm drain.

“A lot of flooding happens when something plugs up and it has nowhere to go, so the water comes up and floods around the road and causes damage,” Moncur said.

Inglesby has a neighbor also doing the right thing by making sure any water runs away from the basement. It’s also a good idea to double check for a flood insurance policy.

“It’s kind of a scary thing when you are not expecting it,” Inglesby said.

Information from the county about protecting property against flooding can be found here.

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